Volleyboys or Die.

17 October 2008

The ISM Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team is just about the most awesome thing that has graced the planet. Until later today they were undefeated, but it’s okay they lost to ISKL. They’re still #1 anyway, and every single game before KL has been pure ownage. And ISKL’s win was pretty stupid, anyway. They’re such a great team though. At the end of Day 2, here are the current standings (win-loss):

  1. ISM 4-1 (LET’S GO BEARCATS LET’S GO *George Go bangs on water bottle*)
  2. ISKL 4-1 (K what? KL!!)
  3. TAS 4-1 (incoherent cheer)
  4. SAS 2-3 (incoherent cheer)
  5. ISB 1-4 (let’s go bangkok)
  6. JIS 0-5 (naga naga naga, OI OI OI)

Tomorrow morning, our boys’ team will be playing against SAS. Sure, our team beat SAS yesterday, but like Mr. Atkinson (ISM coach) said, “we barely beat them”, by two points, during the third set. We win the game, we get a shot at the gold. We lose and the highest possible medal we can get is bronze. Which SUCKS because that is not the colour our team is aiming for. I won’t be there to cheer them on (hectic weekend), but I’m hoping for all the best for these guys. Go for GOLD, ISM boys!! Go BEARCATS!!

May I digress for a moment, though. I just have to say that the ISB Boys’ Volleyball team, in general, is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life so far (in terms of tangible non-celebrities). Hotter than the delegate of Fiji. and Colombia. They make me feel sad about the boys at ISM :) Just kidding, but they make you want to dream. But then they’re all white, which is kinda wtf but probably normal [?]

Especially #15. and #5. and #7.

#11 is a douche though. FACK him. ;)

<3 kaye


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