Heroes!Mohinder is such a bug, srsly.

21 October 2008

I should be working on my English homework right now, seriousl, but I must let this out.


And so concludes the sixth episode of Heroes season 3. Now, what are we left with? We have a supposedly immortal character having the life literally sucked out of him by a man on a bed. Nathan Petrelli is suddenly the Damsel in Distress, and a semi-shirtless one at that. Claire Bennett pwns her father while Peter Petrelli gets PWNED. BY HIS FATHER. Arthur Petrelli, you motherchucker. That was a long-ass tube down his throat btw. Bloody disgusting. Btw, I totally called it. Even from the start, I knew Mr. Petrelli was still alive. I just didn’t think he was an evil, power-sucking douchebag.

Did anyone else notice that weird cockroach sound every time a Mohinder scene was on? I’m starting to wonder what kind of insect he’s supposed to resemble, with this “new ability” of his. Some say his new power resembles “The Fly”, but the cocoons and “spider webs” seem to suggest otherwise. To me, though, he looks like a cockroach. Nikki should have frozen his ass when she had the chance. WHY ADAM MUNROE, WHY HIM? Mohinder is such an insect. Except he needs an extra pair of legs. And gross-er eyes. The only awesome thing he’s accomplished this season so far is sticking Maya to a wall.

You know who else looks like a cockroach? Eric Doyle. Seriously, who even invented that character? I’m perusing through as many comic book archives as I can to figure out which character he was ripped off of. Honestly though, he was just gross on so many levels. Like the dirty old Australian men who walk about the streets of Manila hanging out with a short Filipina transvestite and/or stripper. Creepy dirty old man stuff like that.

Cutest character this week, though? PARKMAN!!
I mean, he was never my favorite character or anything, but that whole thing with the turtle was just too cute. “High five, turtle!” But of course, he isn’t Eliza Thornberry or anything, so the turtle doesn’t do anything. Except be awesome.
I’m still wondering how exactly he got to the airport, though, especially since I doubt that he had his passport with him when he got teleported to, erm, Africa.
The whole thing with Daphne was a bit dodgy, though. I mean, clearly she wouldn’t have an idea who he was. It did get a little bit stalker-ish, but it showed good judgement for her to tell him to stay away from the people at Pinehearst.

I’m totally digging that turtle, yo. I loved how Daphne looked at it. Total irony. Kring smartness.

HIRO and ANDO were cool this week, too. We all knew Ando wasn’t going to die. I had a different theory of how Hiro was going to pull it off, but still. They’re both alive. And in Africa. With Usutu. Wise man.

“That’s so racist.” ROFLMFAOCOPTER. Quote of the week. I love the subtitles with Hiro and Ando. They just… flash.

But then again, there were so many WTF moments. Like ADAM MUNROE GETTING PWNED TO DUST by Arthur Petrelli while on a ventilator. I mean, it’s only the 6th episode. And for the record, I actually liked him on the show, especially when he gets Hiro pwned at the pub last week. Kring could have at least extended David Anders’ stay on the show a bit longer.But nooo, Adam gets Dorian Gray-d and dies. Maybe we can get Arthur to do that to Claire in 400 years. Wait. No. That won’t happen. Because Arthur Petrelli is gonna die before the season ends. Vengeance for Adam Munroe!!!


And WTF IS UP WITH PETER GETTING HIS POWERS TAKEN??? That is some major fail right there. So now Arthur Petrelli has telekinesis, lightning, pyrokinesis, precognitive dreaming (and isaac-ing), teleportation, invisibility, metal control, healing (though Adam had that too), super-strength, radioactive stuff, power mimicry, phasing, super-speed, and, I believe, Sylar’s power as well. Holy shit. I’m just hoping that Peter finds a way to get his powers back, because Peter Petrelli without his powers just ruins the show. And I hope Arthur Petrelli gets hit by a bus. But not just any bus. It has to be this epic KILL ARTHUR PETRELLI bus that will suck all his powers and give them back to Peter. Because Peter will be the driver. And Arthur’s whatevers will catch up with him and he’ll be reduced to ashes. VENGEANCE!! But I must say, Peter is such a tard for strapping up Sylar like that. What if Noah comes? And kills him? Wait. No. He can’t die. BWAHAHAHA. BUT WHAT IF THE HAITIAN IS THERE??? NUUUUUUU!!!

I don’t get why Nathan has to be the DiD, btw. Whatever happened to cheap CGI of swooping in and saving Tracy’s life? This week, Tracy seemed to be more of a man than he was. AND HIS BUTTONS WERE OFF. Which simply means… Total Mohinder/Nathan slash!!! But Mo is just gross now and Nathan is still sexy so whatever.

I can’t wait til he meets Barbara btw. Then he’ll have slept with all three sisters.

Props to Sandra Bennett from growing some balls.

Dear Tim Kring,

No love for killing off Adam. And doing that to Peter.


I hope next week is better.

♥ kaye


One comment

  1. While I didn’t watch the show last night b/c, frankly, I no longer care about the characters I enjoyed your review. The most interesting thing is how powerful Arthur is; no wonder Papa Parkman was so freaken scared of him last week. If I could only find that one clip I would watch it but I can’t be bother to watch Nathan and Tracy, and Peter being a douchebag for that so thanks for the description.

    I agree with the Barbara comment- we all know he is going to be getting that too.

    Maybe I’ll return if the writing changes, but till then I will stick to your recaps.

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