Heroes!The Petrelli Family is MESSED. UP.

28 October 2008

There really isn’t much to say about this week’s Gossip GIrl except, “WTF?!?!” and that applies to many different aspects of the show. Oh, and go DIAF Little J!!! I’m OLDER THAN YOU.


Me: I wish I was a Petrelli.
Peter: Me too.

There seems to be something terribly wrong with the acting in this episode, especially within the first few minutes… from Peter Petrelli’s one-liners to Mohinder’s “villainous” tone to Claire’s “bitchface”. All the good guys are trying to sound badass and the turnout is a draw between hilarious and downright annoying. During the first five-ish minutes of the show, the best lines go to Arthur “You’re grounded” Petrelli and Lyle “Bitch is back” Bennet, though Mohinder’s “You Ruined EVERYTHING” still makes me want to shoot him in the eggs.

I’m surprised Sandra didn’t go all Weasley on Elle, though… NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!!! Too bad Elle is broken. So broken she almost caused a plane crash. Not so badass after all now, are we? I don’t understand why Kring&Co. made her character so weak during this episode. First with the Wicked Witch of the West sequence (Wizard of Oz is actually referred to twice in this episode, I wonder why), then with the pussifying “let’s hold hands to save all these innocent people” to her running into Pinehearst like a total idiot. Pret-a-poor Kirsten Bell. Is GG not paying you enough?

Lyle Bennett rocks. At least for two-ish minutes or so.

Dear Maya,
Since when did you learn how to say, “I have to make amends?” In fact, when did you learn to speak English so fluently? Props to whoever your ESL teacher is. Also, props for walking away from Bug!hinder. Since you are powerless, and not a major part of the cast, it’s time for you to die now. Die like Adam Munroe died. BECAUSE IT WAS SO UNFAIR AND YOU ARE SO USELESS.

The awkward foursome scene in Mohinder’s apartment was quite interesting, especially with Tracy assessing how everyone’s connected. She lied though. She and Nathan may not be together but they totally sexed it up. Just like Nathan will do to Barbara once Tracy dies and the remaining triplet suddenly emerges. I liked that awkward moment between Meredith and Tracy though, fire and ice. It was a beautiful two seconds. Ali Larter = Girl!Crush.

Arthur Petrelli is such a power-whore, seriously. Seriously. I hate how he’s suddenly the most special of them all. Taking Peter’s powers was just LAAAMEEE cos that just made things too easy for him. GAHH I HOPE PETER CAN RUN OVER HIM WITH THAT BUS ALREADY!!!

But really, I hope Peter gets his powers back in one way or another, even if it is through that stupid injection thing. The formula. I’m guessing the scar on his face five years forward will come from another fall that will happen this season, and then he’ll get his powers back. Because everything turns out right, right? Because everything in Heroes has some sort of higher purpose. Like why Peter falls seven storeys into the ground and doesn’t die. So he can live to tell Claire and Nathan Petrelli, who has gone from a man of God to a door-kicker. Peter’s worst move is thinking that he can actually throw metal at his father by surprise.

Claire is such a dumb cheerleader in this episode. Yuck.

I’m curious as to what Arthur told Sylar though, like what exactly he said. I’m not convinced that Sylar has actually shifted his alliance to Arthur so quickly. He’s much, much smarter than that, like the Chuck Bass of Heroes. Mind games and whatnot. Besides, isn’t that his power? Knowing how things work? Why doesn’t he understand how everything will pan out, then? I’m excited.

And Parkman is super cool and I love him. I’m trying to figure out the deal with Daphne. So she tells Douchebag Petrelli that Parkman thinks she’s on his side, but does that mean that she is really Pinehearst’s side? OR did she tell Douchebag Petrelli that Parkman thinks she’s on his side to make HIM (Petrelli) think she’s on PINEHEARST’s side when she has really shifted to Parkman’s side knowing that Pinehearst is dangerous? We don’t get much turtle here. Makes me sad.

And WHY DOES PARKMAN CALL MOHINDER, of all people? And I miss Molly. What happened to her? I don’t remember the second season much.

Oh, and RIP Maury Parkman. This means no more Linderman apparitions, though, right?

So this episode has left me with several puzzles:

  • Which side is Sylar really on?
  • How will Angela Petrelli escape from her coma?
  • What does Nathan plan to do to Pinehearst?
  • What does Arthur Petrelli plan to do with the world? Give everyone powers then steal them all?
  • Will Peter get his powers back? (Of course.) HOW? WHEN? WHERE? NOW PLZ!!!

Unfortunately, I will have to wait two weeks until the next episode of Heroes, and it will be a flashback so I guess my questions won’t really be answered.

God!Kring help the Petrelli family.


One comment

  1. Mohinder mentioned in the first episode that they’d left Molly somewhere safe. I didn’t catch what it was, and I’ve seen both ‘with his family in India’ and ‘at boarding school in Canada’ mentioned, but she’s definitely Stashed Somewhere.

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