Some things just needed some getting used to, that’s all.

7 November 2008

So after listening to “Love Lockdown”, “Robocop” and “Coldest Winter” a few times, I angrily decided to myself that Kanye’s upcoming album, 808s & Heartbreak, will definitely be a disaster. The use of Auto-tune and TR-808 beats annoyed me at first. Besides, I loved Kanye for his hip-hop and he’s my favorite rapper. Ever. Hence, the sudden change of sound to something that was more pop than hip-hop was a bit of a shocker at first. However, I listened to those songs yet again today, as well as some “Love Lockdown” remixes of The Hype Machine. I changed my mind. I think I’m going to love Kanye’s upcoming album. Sure, it will probably be a long shot from what he’s achieved with Graduation and his other previous albums, but listeners will sure be introduced to a different side of Kanye, but I’m ready to check it out and I hope others will give 808s a chance as well.

The same goes for David Cook’s “Light On”. I guess I owe my fellow Word Nerds for criticizing it so much. It was a change of sound which I was surprised with as well. A few hours ago I finally felt what most of his fans felt the first time they heard the song; the connection was there this time. Hence I’ve decided that I’m definitely giving David Cook a shot. Like I promised.

ETA: Oh look, “Light On” has a music video, and it’s pretty awesome… in a suburban America sort of way. I couldn’t embed it though because ODC is a prick, whoever maintains it.



  1. English commentary was rape, horrible rape.
  2. I hope I get to see Michael Johns in two weeks. Fingers crossed.
  3. God save my grades.

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