Quick Update: 11/27/2008

27 November 2008

Due to my preoccupation with homework and Sidereel TV shows, as well as coming home super late due to the crazy bus routes, I wasn’t able to write about a few things, so i’ll touch on them right about now.

LAST WEDNESDAY I saw MICHAEL JOHNS live in Manila at the Glorietta Mall. It was only an hour-long show but he performed about ten songs. I was about ten to twelve metres from the stage and I was probably the loudest one there. Though I wasn’t able to meet him per se, I was able to have an amazing five-minute conversation with his wife and I also got to touch his hand. As he went into the parking lot I shouted, “MICHAEL GODDAMN AUSTRALIAN JOHNS! I LOVE YOU VEGEMITE, I LOVE YOU MAN!” and he looked up at me, smiled and waved. It was euphoric. I also got a smile during his performance, before he sang Prince’s “Purple Rain” (about 0:08 into the video, yeah? it was me who said “i love you michael”). It was quite a high.

And LAST FRIDAY was FOAM PARTY at ISM, which was cool for about two hours I guess. The foam machine was acting up though, so it was more like a foam shower and was sort of weird. I’m counting on next year, hoping it’ll actually be better.

THIS WEEK is EXAM WEEK and so the preparations were rather stressful. Thank you to the PEER HELPERS for giving out the, um, stress balls…

Um, yeah, Physics was horrible.


  1. 808s & Heartbreak
  2. Day & Age (and probably two other FULL killers albums)
  3. I’m gonna try out One Day as a Lion and
  4. Scars on Broadway
  5. and maybe one other thing.

and where the hell did Gossip Girl go? Heroes and Chuck were great, though. And BOO for making me wait until January for 90210!!!!!

That’s all for now.



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