Fitting Shuck. Twilight!

30 November 2008

Last night, I watched Twilight. It’s the movie after the book which I promised myself I wouldn’t read. EVER. I think it’s time for me to eat my words. I’m definitely reading the series now. More men should watch the movie, or read the book, so they can all be like Edward Cullen. Except more real. Because Edward Cullen is perfect, and perfect is not human. Perfect is dancer, if you know what I mean.

As I type, I’m currently downloading the Twilight score (I have most of the soundtrack) as well as Kanye’s 808s crapfest. After Kanye’s done I’ll proceed to Day & Age and have a blast.

Twilight is by far one of the most fascinating movies I’ve seen. It’s such a chick flick, and the cinematography and editing were weird at times, but it was acceptable. A lot of people really hated it and thought it was horrible, but I honestly beg to differ. It was entertaining. Robert Pattinson was gorgeous as Edward Cullen, as always, though I still love Cedric Diggory (GoF, 2005). Kristen Stewart is easy to hate after watching that, but even more so after I saw the trailer to In the Land of Women (2007) where she also KISSED ADAM BRODY. Major chemical burn. I wish someone could pour some lye on her, then some water. That’ll take care of it.

Oh, Robert, why did you have to bite Tyra? Bite me instead. Come to Manila and bite me. Nom.


One comment

  1. I loved the movie.And I’ve read the series over and over again.It’s a great story.I’ve seen the movie twice and I thought the lines in the scirpt were not well put together.The tried too hard to use the same lines in the book,and end up craming them together.(Such a mess.)Rob Pattinson made Edward more complex then he really is.

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