See how they run like pigs from a gun.

6 December 2008

See how they fly.

I’m crying.

I am the eggman.

They are the eggmen.

I am the walrus.

I felt like putting this video up. It’s one of the trippiest Beatles songs ever, and also one of my favourite [trippy] Beatles songs. I loved Bono’s version in Across the Universe, but, well, this is the original. I’ve never really seen it before. This is just the first time.

This song is so trippy. I adore, adore, adore John Lennon’s voice. What I love even more is how The Beatles remain relevant even until today. There are so many new artists nowadays. Celebrity has been a trend which is ongoing, funded by Youtube and Myspace and independent recording labels located in almost every suburban basement block.

You have artists like MGMT, and Justice, and The Kooks, and The Killers, walking around in their tight jeans and facial masks and crosses and sequins, and they’re playing their music — their amazing, formerly indie but now rather mainstream music — and they appeal to international crowds. And yet I strongly doubt that any of these artists will withstand the test of time like The Beatles did. You take songs like “Let It Be”, “Hey Jude” and “Across the Universe”. Even The Killers’ recent single, “Human”, no matter how much praise it gets from critics, will ever compare to any Beatles song.

Because the age of innovators is over, we are merely a generation of the inspired: in music, in film, in fashion. We need another Vietnam War, or another Civil Rights Movement, or something. Only after we’ve lost everything are we free to do anything.

Here I go with the Fight Club quotes, all over again.




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