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Winter Break

12 December 2008

ICARE was fun. No elaborations necessary. Moving on…

Along with the coming of our school’s three-week winter break also comes a break for some of my favourite shows. 90210 has already been out for about two weeks and will resume on January 6th, while Gossip Girl will resume on the 5th. Now, I believe that Heroes and Chuck will still be on (Heroes Volume 3 will end in February I think) so I will still be entertained over the break.

Speaking of Gossip Girl, this recent video of Ed Westwick gave me the laughs. He’s such a typical Brit here, smoking and swearing on a balcony. Drunk too, of course, but he’s still damn hot.

I also need more music, and more leak sites since I still don’t have an itleaked account, which is POO. Come on, it’s the holidays! Looking back though, I believe that my iTunes library grew by about 4000-5000 songs in 2008, give or take. I’m proud of that accomplishment. I do need a holiday playlist though, one that does not involve actual Christmas songs (especially not “All I Want for Christmas is You”… God save me from Mariah Carey!) from holiday albums and all. Unless it’s that Killers song, though I can’t remember the title. The Darkness had a pretty interesting one, too. Man, I miss that band. Haven’t listened to them since “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”.  How long ago was that? It was the most hilarious song. Ever.

In the meantime, I shall listen to Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus”…

The holiday starts on Wednesday. Before that though, I have some business to take care of.