Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy.

14 December 2008


Over the past few days I have found myself in deep thought over several things, whilst covering up my mixed emotions (though particularly anxiety) with blog posts about Fall Out Boy and Gabe Saporta. Whether or not these subjects — those which I have been so religiously focused on — are actually of any valid importance, is under my discretion, especially because my mind has this awful tendency to focus on things that no one really cares about, and usually for good reason. Like the tiniest details of everything. It’s absurd. But also true. And I can’t do anything about it. Which is absolute crap.

And onto me breaking my promise to keep this blog as un-personal as possible…

My friend Michi told me that my blog is pretty “mature”. There are two sides to it. On the lighter note I’m glad she said that because that means that one of my goals with this blog, which is to cover up for the emotional turmoil going on in my Livejournal, is succeeding. On the other hand I was also slightly confused because I honestly view myself as a very immature person. Who focuses on things that don’t really matter. And covers up her emotions with posts about Tyler Shields and Fall Out Boy. I honestly don’t know what to think anymore.

At present I find myself three school days away from a 21-day vacation, which is healthy because I honestly believe that everyone deserves a good break after all the drama this year. Not just in my school or anything. I mean in general. In the world, that whole greater picture and all. However, before I embark on that period of hibernation, I will have to finish two portfolio assignments, as well as my History research whatever. Math portfolio will murder me, so I really do hope I get to attend Wednesday night’s little event. Get lost in the lights and sound. And probably die in a corner of asphyxiation, while the BAC calculator explodes in my mouth. Breath testers. Please walk in a straight line.

(I hate hipsters.)

There will probably be more emotional truth in this blog from January onwards. Still censored from the rest of the world, but slightly less detached from the “Top 10”-ness of this blog, which is lame. I wish I was funny like Dev Vyas. Love him. Hilarious as hell. Swears a lot, though.

I actually don’t like the Bloody Beetroots very much. I thought I would, though. But I don’t. Not really. For some reason I’m never really sure of anything anymore. I think.

This I’m sure of, though:
Folie à Deux is an amazing album. I have to say that I was extremely impressed by Patrick Stump’s vocals on all of the songs on the record. And I’m proud to say that I still love Fall Out Boy. At least that’s one thing.


i’ve got troubled thoughts and a self-esteem to match, what a catch.


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