Self-homework: Mischief Managed.

14 December 2008

I have a few homework assignments set for myself this holiday season, and probably onwards.

These first two I’ve already done:

  • Write down Fight Club quotations on post-its and stick them inside random library books
  • Wreak havoc in a restaurant (I took a few peanuts from the bowl they serve guests, put them in my mouth, and put them back inside)

These are what I now plan to do:

  1. I shall now try to do the post-it task for books in an actual store, like the Fully Booked along Bonifacio High Street or the common National Bookstore
  2. Steal candy from a random child
  3. Make a kid on the bus cry (I almost did this to a 3rd grader last week, but she was being too smart and I had to let her go. I hated her)
  4. Interrupt a couple while they’re making out by putting my hand between their lips. I should put stuff on my hands too.
  5. Break someone’s heart within the next two years.

I will make it to a point to post my favourite PostSecret entry every week.

The Arcade Fire = total aural aphrodesiac.


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