Oh, the joys of Last.fm!!

16 December 2008

Even though I have had my Last.fm account since eighth grade I can’t help but admit the fact that a great part of me hated it very much for being one of the most useless apps/websites ever.

I changed my mind, though. I actually have grown to appreciate it through my discovery of Last.fm radio, through which I’m able to listen to music I don’t actually have, for free. Like Icelandic and Swedish artists I’ve never heard of before. I love the Scandinavians. Pale as they are, they know good music.

Heroes Volume 3 has come to an end. Volume 4: Fugitives will begin in February and I am excited. Villains was pretty damn cool, and was pretty amazing compared to the crapeousness of the second season, which I believe came out earlier this year.

Okay, I’m so uninspired to write right now. But I’m waiting for 2009 to roll in so I can watch my TV shows…

I was right about my prediction for 2008, that it would be a pretty effed up year. And it was. It really, really was. I’m trying to find loop holes where I found myself truly happy. Oh yeah, Obama won. But now he has to face four years of global economic turmoil.

My iPod got stolen yesterday. Whoever took it better have a merry f***ing Christmas. It was one of the most organized ones I know. Me= sad.


Good night.


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