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A few weeks overdue, but…

19 December 2008

So I’ve decided to give Circus a spin after days of deliberation. Really, she isn’t my favorite person in the world, but this album is supposed to be her comeback record. I found that interesting, especially after listening to leaks of “Womanizer”, “Kill the Lights” and “If U See Amy” online. Despite being released quite some time ago, I only just listened to “Circus” (the song) just now.

I guess you just can’t convince me to be a Britney fan, no matter what. I’ll give the record time to grow on me, if it does, just in case. But for now, I’m not as impressed as most people are. Her voice is pretty much the same. Britney is similar to Madonna vocally, really. And Madonna isn’t such a great singer. But they’re performers, and it’s the music backing the vocals that actually makes the song good. I’m listening to “Shattered Glass” right now, though, and this song sounds pretty good. It’s a very party-perfect album. The songs are very danceable and beat-heavy, hence this album is yet another addition to the already long list of electro-heavy albums of 2008.

One of these albums, for example, is Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak. Although I’ve already criticized it as a crapfest, yesterday was actually the first time I listened through the whole thing. And, and, and, it actually is a pretty dope album. I love the album version of “Robocop”, for example.

By the way, I’ve given up on Circus and am now listening to The Arcade Fire, and feel like a complete douche while doing so. Despite their pomp and pretension their music is actually really good, so I’ll trip out to them now.

And Karen/Jimmy/Chris/Nadine: Great party.

To my school: I’ll see you in January.