IDOL, SKINS and HEROES, o how I missed you.

14 February 2009




I told myself last year that I would not be watching this season’s American Idol, but in the end I just couldn’t help myself. I started watching last week, during Hollywood Week, though I was able to see a few audtions (Scott Mcintyre, Adam Lambert, Alex Wagner-Trugman, Michael Sarver, Kai Kalama, etc). Last year, I rooted heavily for David Cook and Michael Johns, and supported Jason Castro, David Archuleta and Carly Smithson. This year, I’m for the guys yet again. My current favourite is Danny Gokey. Yes, he has a sob story or two, but I love him because he’s the whole package *somewhere, a David Cook fan falls off her chair from laughing*. He’s a great vocalist and he’s also rather good looking. Is it DC/MJ fever all over again? Maybe. Should Danny Gokey win? Sure. I also support a few others though: Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert (another pimped fan favourite), Scott Macintyre, Alex Wagner-Trugman (totally adorable) and Michael Sarver (what can I say). Next week, Danny, Anoop and Michael will be performing alongside 3 other male contestants and 6 females, wherein only up to 2 males will move on to the top 12. I’m hoping Danny and Anoop get in. I miss this show.

Panda Poo!!

Panda Poo!!


If you were a fan of the first generation of Skins characters and still think that this new series, you have hateration issues. Since last week’s “Thomas” episode, I’ve been pretty sure that Skins is back to its former awesomeness. This week’s episode, “Pandora”, just about sealed the deal, I think in terms of epicness. I was glad to see Effy finally express some emotion, showing that there is way more to her character than the apathetic facade that she shows other people. Emily is finally more comfortable with her “situation”, and we now have more of the old-school Skins drama in the form of the Cook-Effy-Freddie triangle (not necessarily “love” between Cook and Effy though), complications between Effy and Pandora as friends, and there’s even more drama on the supposedly innocent Pandora’s side as well. Next week’s episode will revolve around the super-hot Freddie and there’s a bunch more drama in store. I’m expecting a major confrontation coming up. I love it!!

HEROES Volume 4

Heroes is finally back! Volume 4 started on the 2nd, and this show has taken a turn for the WEIRD. This volume seems to be more X-Men than Heroes nowadays, with a touch of Prison Break and Lost as well. In addition, there are some complications with Peter Petrelli and Matt Parkman’s abilities, while a new character is introduced as another is potentially killed. We’ll see. I’m not too happy with this show quite yet, and I’m hoping that it was a good decision for me to put off Gossip Girl instead of this show. Because I have always loved Heroes more.


I haven’t seen Gossip Girl in about three weeks, and the same goes for 90210 and Chuck, and I’ll watch them when they come out on DVD probably. Also, I believe that my Physics teacher will be giving me his Skins DVDs for the first two series, so I’m excited for that. Another thing I’m excited for is the first week of March… Cultural Convention at the Singapore American School!! I’ll be there, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, my TV show weeks are fully booked except on Mondays: Heroes Tuesday, American Idol Wednesday and Thursday, Skins Friday. Heck yes.



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  1. I’m a big fan of Matt Giraud. If he gets voted off at any point, I will continue watching, but I won’t give a hoot who wins it.

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