To-Do List for 06 April 2008:

6 April 2009

Uno, a belated Happy Birhday to my BB RDJ!! He keeps getting hotter.

While listening to (LAST SONG SYNDROME) James Morrison’s “Broken Strings”, Adele’s “Melt My Heart to Stone” and the Jonas Brothers’ “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, I have to get this stuff done.

  • Must finish first draft of English short story. I’m about 1500 words in and not even halfway done. due 20 April
  • Complete as many essays for Philippine History as possible. I still have about ten to do, and hopefully I can get everything done before exams. whole project due 04 May
  • Get all application requirements for BT done before the week ends, and hand it in super early. due 16 April

April is gonna be tough when it comes to getting all the work done, especially with exams at the end of the month and all. Then there’s all the, erm, distractions I have to live with along the way.

Speaking of distractions:

Oh, and I am genuinely excited for the Hannah Montana movie. What has the world come to?

And why can’t I write anything rational anymore? MUST GET WORK DONE. while talking to sea creatures. NOW.


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