9 April 2009

This project is bound for so much FAIL. (oh, new voice blog @snapvine)



Purposes of the project

  1. To gain a deeper insight and understanding of events that happened during the times of our grandparents and parents.
  2. To see “history come alive!” by using the experiences of our own relatives in knowing how events unfolded in the past.
  3. To empathize with the past through the experiences of our own relatives who were witnesses as well as participants during this period.
  4. To be able to compare and contrast the values, attitudes of the past generations to your own generation
  5. To research in-depth on specific topics by using primary and secondary sources of historical interpretations and comparing these to the eyewitness accounts of  your family members


  1. TITLE

A creative and meaningful one for your PROJECT


An essay which explains why you chose that TITLE, why that drawing, picture on the front page; explain your family emblem if you have, about the people you interviewed, the secondary sources etc.


…of your family history to… for what reason(s)


You will need to make a FAMILY TREE of both sides with you and your brothers and sisters at the bottom of the tree (you may include pictures)


Include a picture of your Ancestral home of your family or a home where the family meets for big family reunions, where “Lolo” or “Lola” stays, where your Mom or Dad grew up. A picture of the Home where YOU grew up (show the exterior and not only the interior of the houses).


Try to trace your family history from as far back as possible, not necessarily with all the details…at least go as far as your grandparents’ time…1920s, 30s depression, World War II, post war, 50s, your parents’ time will be the 50s, 60s, or the 70s. You may FOCUS on ONE side, where you have the most information. You might wish to include relatives who lived during the Spanish period if you know of any or have been mentioned in history books.

Start your interview by asking your grandparents what memorabilia or artifacts they can share with you…like a dress, a book, a letter, or a statue that has a story all of its own. It would also be easier to start the interview by showing them pictures of old Manila, family pictures of long ago, etc…and let them tell the story/stories. Include stories/questions that reflect the social, economic and political life of that time (see next page for suggestions). You may write their interview in a form of a dialogue, or story form, with emphasis of the specific artifact.  Each interview must be at least TWO PAGES long.


Every section of a significant event and /or aspect of life of your grandparents, and parents must be inserted with a research done in the library.

You may give the entire section of the RESEARCH part FIRST and then the interview to avoid interruption of the stories of your relatives.  Don’t forget, like other research papers, you summarize in your OWN words, the researched section. Do not copy everything word for word…and at the end, put quotes on sections you copied and write down the SOURCE. For example: (Agoncillo, 324-327) OR put the researched section in a ‘Box” or different font from your interview font


1.      Why the war broke out in Asia, and how the Philippines got involved

2.       The Japanese Period….any topic…

3.      A specific topic related to one of the post-war Presidents…Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, and Macapagal

4.      Why Marcos declared Martial Lawdone

5. How the Conjugal dictatorship  (Marcos years) affected sectors of society (be specific)

6. What caused the “People Power in 1986”


(Include Pictures from relatives or from magazines)

Ask the following topics or you may include more topics:


  1. What school was like, what and how were they taught, what was their kind of fun, what was their “baon” how did they go to school?  Did they pass by the present roads that we pass today?
  2. Who did they admire?
  3. Did they have curfews?
  4. What was considered “bad?” “Good?”
  5. How was courtship done?
  6. Where are the places to be, movie houses to go, forms of entertainment and recreation? Popular sports?
  7. What weekends (Saturdays) were like?
  8. What was the fashion?
  9. Who were the popular actors/actresses?
  10. What was the IN thing to have or do? Did you go to Church often?


  1. What political (national and international) events do they remember? Were their relatives affected? How?
  2. Who were the Presidents during that time? Were they popular?
  3. Was corruption like today?
  4. Were they involved in politics?
  5. What election time was like compared to the present?
  6. Most important political event during their lifetime…why…


  1. What were the prices of goods like Coke, a good meal in a restaurant? Cup of rice? Tuition fee?  Their allowance?
  2. What were the popular items demanded by the consumers?
  3. Was the family into business? How did it start?
  4. Where were the popular places to shop?
  5. Does the family own a farm or lands in the provinces? How did you acquire? What are planted in this farm? Do they remember going to the farm?


What important values or thoughts would they like to pass down to their family, generations after? What is their legacy to their family?


  1. Include a  Philippine MAP and point out the places        that are/were important to your family and  creatively show/say why these are important places to your family
  2. Collage of pictures of   the TIME your relatives were alive…to include famous people, events, fashion, popular movie stars, headlines, etc….
  3. A memorabilia of your Lolo, Lola, Mom or Dad, describe it briefly


Draw amap” (like a road map or anything creative) of the significant events or turning points in your life so far…first day of school, first communion, first transfer of school, first happiness and sorrow, etc. (at the same time, SHOW what significant events were happening in the country during your turning points).

A picture of you and your Mom and Dad and Lola/Lolo (three generations)

Essay on the story behind your name… – done

Essay on “a memorable Saturday night/weekend” done

Essay about your high school days, allowance, “baon,” etc. — in progress

Essay about “HEROES and HEROINES”

Essay on your community service – done

Essay about the political, social, economic conditions today

Essay on People Power 2 – done

A written essay (your own penmanship) about the importance of learning Philippine history – done

Essay or pictures of what you envision you to be 15 years from nowdone

Essay on “Should Japan apologize to the World for the Second World War?” – done

Include pictures of your fashion, cosmetics, your likes and dislikes…what are in/what are out, friends

Make a collage of the political, social, economic issues of today, include the dollar exchange

A comparative piece (essay, poem, song, etc.) about your generation, your Lolo’s and your parents’ generation.


What was the significance of this research to you, what insights you gained about your family, history of your country, and people?


You will also need a PROPERLY FORMATTED BIBLIOGRAPHY of books, magazines, internet, etc. that you used.


RESEARCH from written sources               20%

Required ESSAYS and collages                    50%

Interviews                                                       30%

This project is worth 20% of your SEMESTER 2 GRADE

Due Date: 04 May, Monday, 2009.

Word of advice: Take this project as more than a requirement in order to pass the course. Take it as a special journey and adventure of uncovering your own history and as important players in the history of the Philippines.  You need not reveal the skeletons of your family. They are secrets that are best left unsaid.

HAVE FUN BONDING WITH YOUR Lola, Lolo, Titos and Titas, Dad and Mom!

(Make an appointment before you go for an interview….listen intently and don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions. TAPE the interview with their permission….and always say “THANK YOU! I will share with you my project after it is done…”)


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