Honey, your sesquipedalian antics appall me.

21 April 2009

This isn’t something that I realised very recently.

I hate it when people use big words in everyday conversation as a show of intellectual superiority. All those douchebags who pull out words from their mental SAT word-books to disconcert and perplex the not-so-knowledgeble second parties of the conversation and say, “Oh, do you not know what ___ means? Let me explain…” are not only irritating but are also insulting, whether or not they realise it (though they usually do).

I also hate people who use big words when writing. Honestly, rather than strengthening a piece and making a point seem stronger (because the narrative voice is more authoritative and more take-charge and sounds a lot smarter), drenching a piece in SAT-level vocabulary can also make a piece sound contrived and synthetic. The use of big words in writing can, to the common reader, also divert attention away from the main message of a passage because the main point is overdecorated with redundant vocabulary. Which is LAME.

Honestly, though, not everyone is a vocab connoisseur, or a WORD NERD, who takes time out of his or her day to browse through a thesaurus and discover the most riveting and intellectually stimulating new expressions. On the same note, not everyone needs to know what a raconteour is, or a proselyte, or a… (I’m on freerice.com as I type) zebu?! (A zebu is an ox; I got it right.) Just because there are about a million words in the English language doesn’t mean that they all have to be used. There are simpler versions of everything, simpler words that cater to more people. WORDS THAT DON’T MAKE YOUR AVERAGE JOE FEEL LIKE AN EXTREME IDIOT.

Today my Math teacher said that swear words are a quick fix to convey a certain message without having to be all intellectual about it. Swear words, mostly monosyllabic and consisting of only four letters, are like the compact PDA that people carry around. They do their job — and well — without the bulk. That just might be one of the reasons why I swear so much, then. At least [swearing]  comes naturally for me, though I do try to control the frequency of my four-letter words so I don’t end up seeming like an uneducated prat. I try to find that middle ground between being an uneducated prat and a pretentious douchebag, and when I do so, then I’m all set.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I hate people who use big words. BECAUSE THEY SUCK.

NB: I had to cross-reference with thesaurus.com for a handful of these words. I also realised that because of my hatred for people who possess and utilise such an extensive vocabulary (I am not one of them), I am so f**ked for my Verbal SATs.


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