High heels, red dress…

25 April 2009

HBIC. How I love to hate her. (Love her more.)

HBIC. How I love to hate her. (Love her more.)

WARNING: THIS ENTRY MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. it’s a random outburst of thought.

All by myself, gotta catch my breath.

So I’m sitting here, listening to Damien Rice sing “The Blower’s Daughter” — a song I instinctively associate with one of my favourite films of all time, and whilst I’m supposed to be writing a one-page essay on why the war broke out in the Pacific during WWII (and how the Philippines got involved), I’m back to thinking about Nick Jonas and how amazing he is (people think I’m crazy and growing backwards since I went from listening to Bloc Party to the Jonas Brothers — NOT MY FAULT).

That last paragraph took me an entire song to write. Now I’m listening to Switchfoot, because I actually listen to Switchfoot, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The playlist is called “Slow and Low” and it has all sorts of songs by Adele and Jason Mraz and O.A.R. and the Jonas Brothers. And “Any Other World” by Mika, which is a song I’ve taken a strong liking to lately. The instrumental at the end is pretty badass.

So there are a few things in my head right now:

  • The first is that I don’t want Niley to get back together because they’re so much better apart. Then again, who they date is their business, and the same thing goes for everyone else. I love them both. (No one cares about what I think about these people though.)
  • I absolutely adore Susan Boyle. I’ve watched her video over and over again, and I can honestly say that I have never seen it without tearing up even just a little. She’s simply amazing, and I have so much respect for that woman. It’s not even funny.
  • I am definitely bound to fail at least one of my exams. Math. I haven’t studied at all.
  • Accidental babies. What an epic load of song.
  • I’m trying to articulate my thoughts on how the Philippines got involved in WWII until now.
  • I have an Environmental Council application to write. I haven’t started.
  • In October, well, OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER <– that’s what’s in my head.
  • I have to update my Livejournal.

Okay. I shall now disembark from this failboat and attempt to write a meaningful entry. Sorry for the uselessness.


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