Because music is universal, dawg.

26 April 2009

At least it should be.

I love making playlists. Before I was forced into constructing my iTunes library all over again I had over a hundred playlists and folders that my music was classified in. I’ve recently created a new category to put my music in: by nation/region of origin. It’ll definitely take a while, considering that I have about 7,518 songs to work with here, but I plan on sorting out my artists (not including those in my Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi compilations) into the following categories:

  • French — typical mainstream stuff, you know. Stuff everyone knows. Daft Punk, Justice, Uffie, Yelle, The Teenagers…
  • Germans — trying to build on this one. As of now I have Rammstein, Digitalism and some Eisbrecher and Oomph!. Any suggestions?
  • Irish — only Damien Rice, U2 and The Script
  • Italians — though I only have The Bloody Beetroots. Need moar!!
  • Scandinavians — but I don’t have any Danish and Finnish… just Igur Ros, Bjork, The Shout Out Louds, Sugarplum Fairy and Norwegian Recycling. Oh and one song by The Rasmus :/
  • Americans — I’ll delete this one once everything’s sorted out. It’s basically all the unsorted stuff put together.
  • Brazilians — only CSS though. Again, need moar.
  • British — they all fall in here, no matter which one of the four countries/whatever they come from. Bloc Party, The Beatles, Muse, The Libertines, The Kooks, etc. etc. I know there are a few artists hiding in the Americans section still. Will fix.
  • Canadians — like Stars, Broken Social Scene, The Arcade Fire… those silly indie post-rock bands I love to chill to.
  • Japanese — I want to grow this playlist. Jpop is too cute for my life, or should I say, kawaii!! I currently only have full albums by Utada Hikaru (photo!) and Asobi Seksu (which is part-American, actually), and a few singles here and there. By “a few” I mean like… six. Or less.
  • Latinos — still have to fix this one. I literally made it five minutes ago.
  • Pinoys — all my Filipino bands. Not a lot, though, since I haven’t really been paying attention to the local indie scene. I should start soonish, though, since I heard that there a few gems. Summer, perchance?
  • Russians — only t.A.T.u. right now, though. But I’m in a couple of cool LJ communities that apparently have some good stuff. I’m listening to this one right now.
  • South Asians — currently consists of the Slumdog and Darjeeling Limited soundtracks. T_T

I have decided to change the “Germans” playlist to accomodate the Dutch as well, so that Tiesto can have a place.

So the point I wanted to make with creating all these playlists (and forcing myself to actually go out of my way and find more artists to add to them) was not only to see how internationally diverse my iTunes playlist is, but also because the mood I’m in sometimes determines the kind of music I want to listen to (speaking of, I’ll make a generic genres-playlist section).

For example, the German music I have is pretty hardcore, while the Japanese playlist is a lot more cheerful. I love listening to the “Scandinavians” playlist while doing homework (because of Sigur Ros), while the French playlist is a lot of fun to listen to because it has the right balance of hiphop that I actually like (La Fouine) and upbeat electronic stuff. I have actually taken a liking towards non-American hip-hop. Roots Manuva!!

There are really some gems in the international music scene, and I’m gonna make it one of my goals to keep up-to-date with anything good that’s coming up around the world.

Peace, love and music.


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