Ten things to know about me.

1 May 2009

Not like any explanations are necessary. I’m bored and listening to Peaches. I need something to do.

1. I am Filipino. Born in the Philippines. Raised here. I have a queasy feeling that I’m gonna die here as well. I would like to die somewhere less conventional, like in the Andes, or anywhere else that’s 30,000 feet above sea level. I love my country, though.

2. I am 5’8″. Maybe a bittle taller. In some ways it is a good thing, but not always. My height can get annoying. Really annoying. I can’t wear heels!! Well, I can’t walk in heels, but that disability was due to my lack of a need to.

3. I have a 3.625 GPA and it is a bad thing. I hate Math. I hate it. But yesterday I had my last ever exam for “the hardest Math class offered”. Hooray for IBSL Math!!

4. I cry when someone dies a sad death in a movie or TV show. Especially when the song in the background is really sad. Exceptions: when people die during action films. I was thinking more Rent, One Tree Hill kind of thing. Another exception: The Notebook.

5. I shall be a staff writer for next year’s Bamboo Telegraph. And I think that is super cool. An editor position would have been nice, too, but editors don’t make as much of an impact, I don’t think. And writing is funner. YES, it’s a word. It is in my dictionary, at least.

6. I have a huge feeling that I am bipolar. I plan to see a doctor for this soon after the all the schoolwork crap is done. And if I am, well, my “manic” episodes are quite extreme, triggered by the smallest things, and result in acute outbursts of rage and violence. And my “down” moments are pretty bad. I also believe that I am bipolar when it comes to my self-esteem. As in polar talaga.

7. I have several webplaces on the internet: Facebook, Myspace, Livejournal, Twitter, WordPress (x2), Deviantart (x2), Snapvine (x2), Scribd, Last.fm, Lookbook, GOOGLE SEARCH

8. I love everything, and I hate everything. I hate rebels. I hate authority. I hate communism. I hate capitalism. I hate hipsters. I hate the mainstream. I hate popularity. I hate underdogs. But I love the world we live in, even though it’s full of scumbags like you and me.

9. Five places where I want to be right now, and why:

  • Singapore –> seven people. OCTOBER!!
  • Japan –> one person.
  • With Liana, Kaya or Paulina.

10. I value my friends a lot, and I’m not sure if they’re aware of that. If you’re a friend of mine, and you’re reading this, know that regardless of how close we are, I love you more than you can ever imagine. And I got your back. Always. I mean, I won’t necessarily take a bullet for you, but I’m here. And I love you. :) Now comment.



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