Growing impatient.

24 May 2009

a.k.a. another random entry about nothing

I have decided to write a new “About Me” on Facebook. Although it doesn’t really show much about me aside from my perky/weird/angry side, it’s a lot better than the old “About Me” which was composed entirely of other people’s quotations.

I find it strange that even though last week’s concert felt like one of my greatest dreams had been realised, I didn’t really bother to write about it. I don’t even have an album on Facebook. I guess watching the Davids — and Michael — live served as some sort of closure to my Idoling, which is good, considering how much AI destroyed my life in the past year.

—Side note:: YAY, PAPA KRIS WON!! I knew he could do it!!—

Earlier, I paid a visit to Tyler Shields’ portfolio yet again and I saw this photo of Juno Temple (left). For some strange reason, it made me so inexplicably happy. I don’t think it’s because i like blood. It’s a pretty dramatic photo, not unlike the rest of Tyler Shields’ work.

Tyler Shields’ awesomeness aside, the fact still stands that I still can’t whistle or ride a bike. Yesterday while watching Teeth I got pretty annoyed watching that blonde chicken cruncher Dawn on her bicycle. Because I really can’t bike to save my life. It’s depressing.

And a few more random updates..

  • the Singapore trip in October is happening for sure.
  • Angels and Demons is an awesome movie.
  • Teeth is freaky. I finally got to watch it.
  • I haven’t done any real Math work since the portfolio. Hence, I am screwed.

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