That article won’t write itself, but…

26 May 2009

Today I did absolutely nothing. The doodles in my Physics notebook are proof. (Evidence later.)

But here. These are my top five things to do this summer. No deadlines. No editors breathing down my neck. I love being able to write what I want. I’m pretty sure that I’m not interning in school anymore, what with the question of transport and all (as well as the likelihood of me un-committing myself), and I’m sad to say that for the same reason I’m most likely not learning Japanese.  So it’s pretty much gonna be a “usual” summer for me. WHAT. EVER. I’ll still make some good out of it. I find ways. I always do.

  1. Sleep. Honestly, this list would be incomplete without stating the importance of catch-up time. Anyone who thinks that using summer to regain lost hours of sleep is either high or lying, even moreso if that person is an IB student. Call it superficial, call it boring, but I’m definitely sleeping in on the first night of summer. And unless I have someone important to talk to I’ll try to get off the computer before ten.
  2. Spend at least 8 hours in front of the computer every day. I don’t have a life, and I’m not going to any awesome foreign city this summer, either, so I channel all my boredom into computer time like I always do. Drinking at least two litres of iced tea a day I’ll be on the lookout for new music (as usual) and I’ll blog endlessly about whatever catches my attention. Even the fly on the wall. For Of course, there’s Facebook and MSN, and I won’t let those two slip from my daily schedule. The BS part is that my siblings will be in school by then, so my online time will probably be confined to day hours. FML
  3. Get fit. I don’t want to be a fatty in August, and I’m pretty sure that whatever physical state I’m in by the time school kicks in will stay the same through September (when I turn 17) and October (when I visit Singapore). Since (1) I won’t have any more PE for the rest of the year and (2) I’m useless at all sports, I’m pretty much screwed. But I’m mentally set to find something.
  4. Go shopping. When my grandparents get back from the States in July I’m definitely nagging for a shopping day. I’m sick of my wardrobe and it definitely needs a change. Unfortunately, my parents are too lazy or broke to every buy me anything. But change has to come to my closet. END OF SEASON SALE, anyone?
  5. Try to have as many “happy days” as possible, because I know I’ll have less of them when junior year kicks in. Already I’m having second thoughts about the junior year excitement that I’ve been feeling during the past few weeks. I guess I’m just trying to be positive because I really want junior year to NOT SUCK, ‘specially since I have a lot to look forward to during the first half of it. I don’t have to remind myself all the time but it all happens subconsciously, anyway:
    • School in August
    • Seventeen in September
    • Singapore in October

I’m getting into summer mode too early for my life. But whatever. I have seven more days of school. And then two months of sort-of-freedom. Sort of.



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