10 things I hate..

1 June 2009

Looking back at May 2009..

I hate it when the old women in church randomly touch me and talk to me as if they’ve known me forever. I mean, even though they’re neighbours who probably have known me forever, I don’t know them. For example, at church on Sunday this old lady randomly grabbed my waist. I wanted to smack her in the face in my umbrella. Then again, it was communion.

I hate it when I’m at the beach and I get sand between my toes. I hate sand because it feels like dirt, like kachichas, which is a disgusting foot fungus whose name I just happened to use as my username for most of my territories on the interwebz, including this blog. The worst part, though, is when I try to clean the sand out of my toes. So I go over to the shore and the water washes out the sand, but then as I walk back to my friends or family or whatnot, there’s sand again.

I hate it when people withhold information, especially when I end up finding things out from someone else. The truth usually hurts to hear, but it hurts even more if coming from someone other than the person who should be telling. I hate it when history repeats itself. I hate Murphy for coming up with that silly law of nature. I hate having to filter out the people that I know. I hate it when people fall short of my expectations and I end up getting hurt and disappointed. I hate seeing cockroaches in the kitchen at night. I hate nagging parents who blackmail to get their way. I hate it when I have to say goodbye to people who I know I will never, ever, ever see again. Congratulations, class of 2009!!


p.s. It’s been -89 days since I last saw you. I miss you too much.


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