You’re a virgin who can’t drive.

2 June 2009

-90 days since.

The unipin doodles have invaded my Geography notebook!! In fact, the black ink scribbles have also taken over pages of my Physics notebook, scratch paper, handouts and, of course, my school planner, whose pages from the last eight or so months of school have been ripped out last week by yours truly. With one and a half days of school remaining on the calendar, this is a pretty good time to take a step back, and then a step forward, and then a step back, and then a step forward.. and another step back to reflect on the past year.

Although I have the tendency to refuse to accept that I have changed at all during the past year, I can’t deny the truth about the difference a day makes. I could, for example, spend a week daydreaming and obsessing about a person, trip or activity, but all it took was three lines of text to change everything. In all honesty I’m not too bothered that my planned trip to Singapore has been cut in half in terms of the number of nights that I’ll be spending there. Sure, I may have spent at least 48 hours just looking up hotel and airline feels and pumping myself up for something that’ll take place five-ish months from now, but two nights ago my level of enthusiasm was cut in half in a matter of ten seconds. Though I probably won’t be able to do everything I plan to do there, it’s better to have a short trip than not going at all.

Checking over my WordPress and Livejournal blogs, I realised that recently I have been thinking in bullet points. None of my thoughts seem to have much meaning to them. They’re not worth explaining. So I move on to the next thought. And the next. And the next. If my thoughts aren’t coherent enough then I’m sorry. I apologise that I have to append to that list of bullet-point entries, though. These are the ten things that I am excited for at the moment:

  1. The end of sophomore year.
  2. Getting yearbooks tomorrow afternoon.
  3. The start of summer vacation. Mina’s staying in Manila!!
  4. Being able to sleep in for as long as I want to.
  5. Singapore in October. Just because I said my enthusiasm was cut in half doesn’t mean I’m not excited anymore. I was overexcited before, and so now I’m just excited.
  6. Watching summer movies, especially Transformers 2 and Half-Blood Prince. Mina watch with me!!
  7. Coming back to school in August and seeing all the new people. I’m always excited for new people, and I’m curious to see the new BSM posse coming to the school.
  8. Seeing Allen in August, as well as whoever is coming to visit this summer.
  9. Turning 17 in September. Oh my freakin’ days.
  10. Okay, so maybe I’m not excited for ten things. I’m actually quite bored right now.

One and a half more days.



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