Last day blues.

4 June 2009

92 days since CulCon. I can’t believe it’s been this long.


But the speed at which the past 13 weeks have gone by is nothing compared to the past five years. My last five years at ISM have been awesome. When I came in 6th grade, I was reluctant to be away from all the people I knew in Assumption, but I was glad that I was able to easily find

friends in the seemingly foreign idea that was called “middle school”. My friends in 6th grade carried over to the 7th and 8th grades (the extra year level that I wouldn’t have experienced had I stayed in a local school) and the people that I stuck through for those three years (or two, or one, depending on when they came in or left) are pretty much amazing. I’m very glad I met these

people because they’re the ones who saw me through my awkward stages, my crazy phases, the good, the bad, the epic and the embarassing. They saw my early successes as well as my early failures and my lack of subtlety. I went to Corregidor with these people, to cemeteries, to Subic, Caylabne and Caliraya. We blogged, we used MySpace and, god forbid, hi5, we shared films and music, we gossiped, laughed and fought. We had what we thought was the time of our lives.

Entering high school in 2007 was a different experience from entering middle school. The people were familiar, and the school was the same, but the system was different. During a time when the curriculum is harder and the workload is tougher, I was sure that high school would bring about a whole new level of living that would change the way I see the world. Of course, as usual, I was right. Now older and wiser, people surely changed, friends were gained, and some drifted apart. The people I encountered during my freshman and sophomore years, both new and old, have introduced me to ideas and opportunities that I didn’t think were possible.

I’m not a standout student in my grade, not even close. I’m no IASAS athlete, my Math and PE grades keep me well away from that elusive 4.0 GPA, and I’m not a member of any councils or honor societies. Sure, I’ve taken part somewhat in Model United Nations, but I’m nowhere near good enough to be a THIMUN delegate. I’m pretty much average in almost every way possible, so the few accomplishments that I do make, such as traveling to Singapore during both freshman and sophomore years for THIMUN and IASAS Cultural Convention, are huge things for me. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I keep in touch with some of the people that I met during those two trips. Then again, it’s in my nature to keep and value most relationships that I make with people. It’s part of who I am.

Between each schoolyear, people came and people left. Whenever I saw a new person during New Student Orientation I thought to myself whether or not we would be friends, and we usually would. Whenever I found out that someone was leaving, moving away to another school or city or country, I almost reached tears — and sometimes I did. With different people I had different experiences, different feelings, different opinions, secrets to share, things to talk about. Even when friends left the country only to visit every few months or even years, I always tried my best to stay in touch and keep our times together immortalised in the memory bank of my mind. Every so often I would experience nostalgic episodes, and these moments are usually highly emotional and sentimental. But as much as I enjoy dwelling in the past, I also prefer to look forward into the future.

As of right now, the schoolyear 2008-09 is over, and the two months that lie ahead will mean different things to different people. For me, these two months will be a break from school — really, I’m no more interesting than that. When August comes back around, however, things will be different. It will be junior year. There will be more new faces, and there will be people who won’t be coming back. IB will start for most people, including myself, and it will be tough. It will be draining. It will push people to their limits. There will be CAS forms to fill out like no other and PowerSchool visits will spike like never before. On top of that there will be the extracurriculars — class councils and ISSBA, interest clubs, culture clubs, service learning, honor societies, publications, the high school play, numerous concerts, three seasons of sports, Model United Nations, Pista sa ISM, IASAS Soccer and Art/Music [will be hosted by ISM], ICARE, prom — in which most students will be involved (as long as they comply with the Policy of Limitations).

But I can do it, and I’m sure that ISM’s class of 2011 can do it as well (and will). So here’s to the next two months of summer, and here’s to the next two years of high school. I’ll see you in August.


screamouts to people who made the last 10 months as interesting as they were, in one way or another.
michiferreol. kimirodriguez. paulinasotto. lianapaterno. angieoo. jaimedevs. karenlloyd. allennavasero. chloealcid. carmfernandez. zanekansil. samwong. clarissasantoso. nadineabulencia. joegallego. maciward. elliotsmith. taejonghan. thomasbell. jusungkim. carloluy. rockyalli. phniekubota. janwillemvanheeswijk. smritisridhar. ayeshadayaram. droleviste. alessandrapoblador. maansivohra. jimmyfeng. isabelsicat. kristinecrouch. alonzovirata. danielviray. rompalomo. rafalaperal. jess&joeduckworth. gabbypascuzzi. sabrinaweir. joaquinbenares. kavyogaindran. melvinbiteng. stephanchan. michaeldiamond. nicholaspratte. manugonzales. rafaelsy. joonhyukhan. adrianyuen. khasankhamudkhanov. vickyherrera. devvyas. nicomojica. patrickmaguire. aaronsavidge. raheemabid. samramosjones. divsharan. lynnyu. claudiowilson. jennykwon. arjunnandkishore. maggiewood. anderalrutzstierna. thomashudson. zhenantong. koheiyamashita. andrewwilson. summersmith. asukaheltmann. mahektulsiani. chrisong. javierrara. chloedare. mariaalli. caitlinwillnow. &&did i mention PAULINA FREAKIN SOTTO?! oh yeah. i did.

the most amazing person in the world to my rightt~

the most amazing person in the world to my rightt~



  1. i like the last part ah!
    you should write a whole blog entry about me one day, cause im just that awesome:D:D:D
    hahahhaha i kid
    <3 <3 <3

    btw we have lotsa better pictures -.-

  2. yea you should write about PAULLIN and KAV

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