I’m not your toy.

5 June 2009

At this point in time, there are three things that I am sure of.

One, I am really enjoying New Moon. I don’t read it as religiously as Twilight fangirls — besides, I refuse to consider myself as one of them — but about 150 pages in, I have not fallen asleep in boredom. In fact, I find myself sincerely engaged in the story, in Bella’s rise from being sallow over Edward Cullen’s departure for Manila to hang out with me instead of her, in her growing friendship with Jacob Black (who will soon leave her for me, I’m sure) and, of course, in my excitement over the movie, which is coming out in November.

Two, it’s funny, the difference a few minutes can make. I’m not even gonna expand on this, since the whole world probably knows what I mean.

Three, well, there is no third thing. I still have stuff to sort out. People to miss and look out for. Plans to make. What should I do this summer..? Two months of cold turkey, here we go..


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