O Hai Murakami.

19 June 2009

Since I am the world’s laziest arsehole and I have absolutely nothing to write about (really, nothing) I shall now end this by saying a few things about what I have read and seen in the past week or so.

I actually liked the whole Edward-and-Bella story and it was definitely worth reading for me. HATERS TO THE LEFT. I’m currently reading Murakami, and it’s pretty damn good, though I’m taking it a lot slowly than the Meyer books.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on ohnotheydidnt, which is a LJ community. It’s pretty hilarious, that place. I’m absolutely proud of myself for being part of the #gokeyisadouche revolution.

So, I posted a reading list a few days ago and I need recommendations.

Okay, bye. I’m on Twitter.


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