OMG I FORGOT (another 10-of list to follow)

22 June 2009

How oh HOW could I have forgotten about qtpatootie JOHN KRASINSKI?!?!

See, now that my idiotic self came to believe that Zac Efron is more important than JKRAS (which he is not, by the way), this qt is not only not in the last post, but he also isn’t on my desktop wallpaper, which basically consists of the pics in the last post, desaturated and tiled all over my screen.

This is why I love ONTD. It reminds me of when I’m being a complete twat and not listing down people who actually matter. Like, how the hell did I forget about RYAN GOSLING?! Wait. No. I don’t care about Ryan Gosling.


TEN 2009 INDIES/PSEUDO-INDIES I WANNA SEE, LIKE, NOW. Mind not the RPattz-and-KStew-ness of the list.

  1. (500) Days of Summer
  2. Cherrybomb
  3. Away We Go
  4. New York, I Love You
  5. Adventureland
  6. How to Be
  7. What Goes Up
  8. Little Ashes
  9. The Cake Eaters
  10. New Moon

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