Because I haven’t been able to write about anything worthwhile lately…

14 July 2009

Tumblr account: kayechichas

On my Tumblr account I reblog most of the time, post videos and photos and whatnot. I’ll write back on here once I have something to write about.

Quick updates:

  • less than a hundred pages to go with Survivor. Because it is a Palahniuk, I can read it more efficiently than Murakami. It’s a very witty little piece of twistedness. I like it very much.
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out on Thursday, and I just might get to watch it on Friday morning with Paulina and Tita Ella. So excited.
  • I got information from Colby College in the mail. I love getting mail.
  • School-related stuff:
    • July 23 – uniform shop will be open everyday from 7am-4pm
    • August 3 – must go to school to get schedules, IDs, locker assignments, stickers, etc.
    • August 5 – new student orientation
    • August 6 – start of the first semester
  • I am almost done with all pages of failblog.org because I have been rather bored lately.

Tumblr awaits. All my Tumblr and Plurk updates are shipped automatically to my Twitter.

Oh, and every single update I have gets shipped to my FriendFeed account, which is public. Eep: http://www.friendfeed.com/kayechichas

Alright. I’m off.


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