Sitting in the guidance office during study hall, I still have no work to do.

7 August 2009

I couldn’t really write a decent blog entry last night, not reallly, since I was so tired and all I could manage to do was whip up some pretty text collages on Photoshop with my pirated Helvetica font, bolded and horizontally compressed by -100%. It’s my second day of school and I had film class first period. The speakers are insane, and that’s all I can say so far. I’m still thinking of a topic to do my independent study on. I’ll try to avoid a topic like drugs, though it would be a good excuse to watch Requiem for a Dream.

Maybe I should talk about sexuality so I can watch My Own Private Idaho. I also need a fresh idea for a 7-minute short film. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with one sooner or not-so-late-but-later. Apparently the class will have a wiki on wetpaint.com, so I doubt that my film blog will be of any more use to the class. I will, however, continue to post there as much as possible. Maybe I could use it as a tool of sorts, and keep linking to places I look at once I start my independent study. Could help with the citations and all.

In Physics I made my serial blogger status known to the class (yet again). I think I’m gonna like my teacher. Besides, his penmanship is definitely better than that of my last physics teacher. It’s a “broogie” class :)

Also, Filipino is insane. No words, no words. One thing I did learn, however, was how to successfully wield the pen tool and the Paths tab on Adobe Photoshop. My life is that much better and I’m definitely going to experiment with that tonight.

I tagged this entry as “people” because there will probably always be a hidden message behind each of my blog entries about school. Damn, I wanna write about frivolous things again.

Study hall just might be my serial blogging period.



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