Too lazy during MUN today, fashoo.

1 September 2009

So I wrote lyrics. They’re so substance-free, though. Kinda like pop-punk. Useless.

I’ve got to make an announcement
I’m getting claustrophobic
It’s time I got away from this room
The air is dense and it’s too crowded
I hate being seperated
By being four metres from you

Yeah, it’s a problem
I can barely breathe
I just want to be closer

This is a song for love that’s unrequited
I’m singing because it’s not really a secret
Everyone knows that I am singing for you
You know, you know, I’m always talking to you
I want, I want to hear your side
Everyone knows I just wanna get closer to you.

The room’s abuzz with constant murmurs
The casual observers
don’t know what’s going on

Whatever. Didn’t finish it. Debate ended, and I had to vote. I had no idea what was going on the WHOLE TIME, though.



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