Oh god, is it the 20th in two days already?!

18 September 2009

The idea of being seventeen frightens me. My sixteen-year-old life has been rather turbulent and I doubt that the year ahead will be any different, let alone better. I find it hard having to grasp concepts such as responsibility as I get closer and closer to real adulthood, especially since I don’t quite think that I’ve ‘found myself’ just yet. I still need to find that one thing about me that separates me from other people. I have to be able to balance work and play and the IB. There are tests to take, assessments to keep track of, blogs to update. I’m so glad that I was able to update my Interests Include blog tonight.

Anyway, yeah, the idea of being seventeen on Sunday is baffling and frightening.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens.



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