My music, explained.

This page used to feature an obnoxiously long list of artists that can be found in my iTunes library. I, however, made the decision to erase the full list because although it displays the range of artists on my iTunes, the list doesn’t exactly represent the sorts of music that I listen to.

I like some mainstream music, sure. I don’t mind Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. Not so much on the Miley stuff, but I can tolerate. I have Miley, as well as some of that bubblegum pop from the late ’90s-early ’00s. In fact, I enjoy listening to them very much. On the same note, I also like music that some would consider as “indie”. I like old bands and new bands and solo artists. I listen to Joy Division, The Smiths, The Kinks, and more bands that start with “The”. I also enjoy listening to bands with female vocalists, like The Dead Weather.

To come to think of it, really, I don’t have a particular taste in music. I enjoy listening to Radiohead just about as much as the Jonas Brothers.  I like punk once in a while, as well as some of that punk-pop sound that the kids are lovin’ these days. I’m a sucker for Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Cobra Starship. Also, I like to have some folk here and there from bearded Jesus-types like Iron and Wine and Ray LaMontagne, and I like Damien Rice because of the film Closer. I like trip-hop too, like Portishead and Tricky, and I like some Björk now and then. Regina Spektor is cool too.

My iTunes library doesn’t have any songs classified under the “rock” genre. I have enough music that will last nearly 24 days, and one “rock” song could be completely different from another “rock” song. This is why I try to find alternative genre names, usually from Wikipedia. Classic Rock. Post-grunge. Post-Punk Revival. Synthpop.

I also like music from Europe and Asia. House music. Film soundtracks. Film scores. I like some metal-type bands, emo-type bands, “scene” bands.. though the word makes me cringe. I also like crunkcore, but that’s a secret.

Basically, my library consists of mostly rock and electro-type artists. I also like folk and pop and some crossover genres. My least favourite genre is R&B, but I like some hip-hop, like Jurassic 5 and Kanye West. I enjoy listening to covers. I try to balance indie and mainstream; I have artists that are very indie and some that are very mainstream, as well as some that are on the fence, such as The Killers and The Hives (though they’re not so indie anymore, really). I actually hate Pitchfork. I visit it rarely and always end up annoyed afterwards.

I hate hipsters and music elitists. I could eliminate my iTunes library of all the mainstream stuff and say, “I have a better taste in music than you”, but music taste really should be an individual thing. It can’t be criticised.


One comment

  1. i like how fall out boy is first on your list.
    i LOVE them and do NOT care what people say :] their old stuff is teh shitz.

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