Tyler Durden. Fictional character. Brad Pitt sold separately.

Edward Norton. Actor. Icon. Pure sexy awesomeness.

Chuck Palahniuk. Writer. Visionary.

Tyler Shields. Artist. Photographer.

Kate Moss. Supermodel. Designer. Crackwhore.

Tim Burton. Director. Artiste. Johnny Depp is implied.

Robert Downey Jr. Actor. Musician. Sober.

Andy Warhol. Artist. Innovator.

Wes Anderson. Auteur. Genius.

Pete Doherty, Babyshambles. Former Libertine. Another Crackwhore.

JohnPaulGeorge&Ringo. Musicians. Lyrical headcases.

Jonathan Larson. Composer. Life-changer. Idol for life. I owe you. RIP.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt (hitRECord.org, actor), J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter books), Haruki Murakami (most badass Japanese author ever), Frank Warren (founded PostSecret), Meryl Streep (actress),


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  1. […] This is beautiful. There is a good reason why I have Tyler Shields on my Idolatry Page. […]

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