Nothing to write about right now, really, but I felt that I really had to update at least one of my blogs.

19 November 2009

Between my last post and this one I’ve been keeping myself busy with a couple things. There’s watching Big Brother every night at 10, making sure I get all my work done before then, trying my best to keep up with the music these silly kids listen to these days (I am not musically retarded!!), tryouts for Forensics, having to write a BT article by SATURDAY (it was assigned today), all the crazy stuff I have to do for IBHL English (IB oral soon!!), SAT preparations, and, of course, trying to keep my mental, social and most importantly my emotional health from falling apart, the latter of which has been rather down since yesterday, midday. It was so horrible I actually had a physical headache, and today I found myself tearing up. Sad stuff.

While waiting for Skins series 4 to come out, I’ve found another E4 show to watch for the next few weeks. It’s called Misfits and it’s basically Skins except they’re a bunch of ASBO’d pricks with crazy superpowers that I don’t think anyone would really want (except Curtis, cos he can turn back time when he does something he regrets, which is one thing I’d love to do once in a while, especially for a bunch of things that happened in the past couple of months). The concept is pretty simple and sounded rather dumb when I first heard about it. I mean, it’s about a bunch of kids who get struck by lightning while doing community service and then end up with these crazy powers. The chav can read people’s thoughts, which basically consist of people calling her a chav, the horny black girl can turn guys into crazy rapists when they touch her, and the creepy almost-arsonist turns invisible when he already feels invisible (because no one talks to him). I already mentioned the other guy.

Oh, and there’s this other, other guy in it — he’s played by Robert Sheehan, the Irish guy in Cherrybomb whom I referred to as the ‘curly indie boy’ — well he’s just absolutely hilarious. He didn’t get any special powers or anything. I think the world just hates him or something. It’s quite sad since he’s by far the fittest of them all.

Also, aside from that, IASAS Forensics auditions are ongoing. I had my Original Oratory audition on Monday, but I’m pretty scared since there are a lot of really really goood people who signed up, and in the end only three people are actually going to Taipei. I may have gotten in last year, but the pool of competition is so intense that OO is actually probably the hardest event to go to for two years in a row. This afternoon I have my Oral Interpretation audition. I think I’m gonna do “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath. It’s a poem that I’ve never really read before, and I find it really weird. I think I’ll just wing it and not care if I don’t make first cut. I’ll try out for impromptu as well. But I suck at that kind of stuff. Speaking spontaneously. It’s horrendously difficult.

Oh, and New Moon is coming out this week. I’m not watching it, though. I’m gonna go see 2012 first. Twilight can wait until all the scary fangirls die down (or just die, pretty much). I’m thinking of more random stuff to write about right now. type type type

Since I gave this the ‘music’ tag as well I guess it would be in order to talk about how lost I am with all the ‘awesome new music’ these days. I mean, Owl City? Seriously? How did the soundtrack of about a month of my freshman year end up topping the charts? I don’t mind Owl City that much, he’s cool when I need him to be, but hearing him on the Manila airwaves is just a little bit awkward. He’s getting too popular. See, now, when he goes out of style, he’ll just be another one-hit wonder, another has-been. That would be sad. BUT if he didn’t go all mainstream, he’ll be cool forever. True story. Sad, but true.

Another sad story was a short one I read last night, “On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning” by Haruki Murakami. But I’m actually too lazy to write about that right now since I’ve already reached more than 700 words.

This is crazy. I can write 700 words of BS and not about Pacquiao, really? He’s the national hero! Oh yeah, good job with the Cotto fight. I hate boxing.



Technical Difficulties.

22 October 2009

My internet connection at home is really crappy and so I haven’t been able to post on ANY of my WordPress blogs because the page takes too long to load. It really sucks. In the meantime, I created [yet another] WordPress:

Struggling to make a difference.

It’s… yeah.


ISM and Typhoon Ondoy Relief

2 October 2009

I haven’t posted a while, and so I’d like to take this time to talk a little about that horrible typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) that hit Manila last Saturday, what it did, and what our school has been doing about it, because I think that ISM has done outstandingly this past week. This is gonna be really disorganized, so bear with me.

When Ondoy messed up the city I was in school for MUN Locals. What we thought was just strong rain ended up devastating Metro Manila, submerging entire cities, killing hundreds of people, displacing hundreds of thousands, affecting millions. I didn’t see my house for four days, couldn’t contact my parents for two. When I finally came home on Wednesday afternoon, I came home to a damaged first floor that smelled like trash. It was the first time our house ever got flooded. It’s hard to imagine that there are millions who experienced worse.

On Sunday ISM announced that it would conduct regular classes the following Monday, the 28th, much to the dismay of students who were looking for a few days of freedom. However, the initial gloom and desire for rebellion was converted into something more powerful when school kicked in. Students came to school carrying various donations and relief goods, some had their own campaigns such as a rice drive and “Operation Ondoy” (McDonald’s), and a concert was planned for Friday (tonight).

And the school has been doing well in that department. My film teacher was right. Our school is a unique place wherein some of the wealthiest people in Manila are able to connect with the poorest and those who need aid the most. The idea of bayanihan could be seen in ISM throughout the week. Besides, this is, ultimately, our city, and no matter where the students may have originated from, at this time the Philippines is our country, and our country needs help.

Right now, we need to spread more awareness because the effects of Ondoy can’t just fade away because some celebrity broke a nail. This isn’t just about the need for relief, this is also about climate change. I bet the people at Greenpeace are all up in their “I Told You So” modes right now, and I guess they’re right. The past few days have been really eye-opening for me. In the end, it’s not about whether or not these disasters happen. It’s about doing something to prevent them from happening, or at least slowing down the inevitable. There’s a new storm around, Pepeng (Parma), and it’s a super typhoon. On the PAGASA site it’s called a “tropical cyclone”. So we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Every day in the past week, the FAT lobby has been filled with donated goods, and by the end of the day the lobby is empty. Two trucks of donated goods are being sent to PCF in Tondo and the Papaya Foundation in Payatas everyday.

The concert, Singin’ In The Rain, raised over P300,000 (ETA: P400,000) in cash donations, not counting food sales and definitely not counting goods donations. I do believe that Mr. Dickinson will have his head shaved on Monday due to this massive success.

Next week, the school will be showing the HS Play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [ABRIDGED], and all proceeds will count towards typhoon relief efforts.

On the last day before October break commences, Pista Sa ISM will be toned down from its usual grandeur and be more of a fundraiser, also for typhoon relief.

Good job, Bearcats!


Oh god, is it the 20th in two days already?!

18 September 2009

The idea of being seventeen frightens me. My sixteen-year-old life has been rather turbulent and I doubt that the year ahead will be any different, let alone better. I find it hard having to grasp concepts such as responsibility as I get closer and closer to real adulthood, especially since I don’t quite think that I’ve ‘found myself’ just yet. I still need to find that one thing about me that separates me from other people. I have to be able to balance work and play and the IB. There are tests to take, assessments to keep track of, blogs to update. I’m so glad that I was able to update my Interests Include blog tonight.

Anyway, yeah, the idea of being seventeen on Sunday is baffling and frightening.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens.



Things I realised that I like and don’t like.

5 September 2009

I like Animal Collective. I didn’t realise I did until I decided to really listen to them without condemning them for being such a pretentious indie hipster band. Merriweather Post Pavillon is actually a pretty good album, and yes, “My Girls” really is one good song. I guess even I can’t deny that any longer. Whatever.

I like Hipster Runoff. I think it’s a pretty amusing little corner of the interweb and some of the posts are strangely humorous, regardless of whether or not they were meant to be that way.

I don’t really like Quentin Tarantino. I mean, he’s made some pretty decent films like Pulp Fiction, and I’m gonna watch Reservoir Dogs when I find the time (since I have the DVD for the next month), but I don’t think his general body of work is anything too special. He’s a director with his own style, sure, but I think of him as one of those directors that people feel that they have to like since he made Pulp Fiction and whatnot. But I saw part of Thunderbolt: Death Proof (or something, I can’t remember the title, but Kurt Russell was in it) and I realised that his style isn’t something that I’m too big a fan of. That, or I was just watching a horrible movie. I don’t like the random useless conversations, I don’t like the exaggerated bleeding in Kill Bill, and I’m not big on his overuse of contrapuntal music. Sorry, Quentin.

Okay, that’s all.



Too lazy during MUN today, fashoo.

1 September 2009

So I wrote lyrics. They’re so substance-free, though. Kinda like pop-punk. Useless.

I’ve got to make an announcement
I’m getting claustrophobic
It’s time I got away from this room
The air is dense and it’s too crowded
I hate being seperated
By being four metres from you

Yeah, it’s a problem
I can barely breathe
I just want to be closer

This is a song for love that’s unrequited
I’m singing because it’s not really a secret
Everyone knows that I am singing for you
You know, you know, I’m always talking to you
I want, I want to hear your side
Everyone knows I just wanna get closer to you.

The room’s abuzz with constant murmurs
The casual observers
don’t know what’s going on

Whatever. Didn’t finish it. Debate ended, and I had to vote. I had no idea what was going on the WHOLE TIME, though.



I can’t believe August is almost over.

29 August 2009

By the end of this month (if you’re not too picky) I will have finished my first month into the IB Diploma.

Honestly, though, I feel like I’ve been in school forever. 

Though the weeks feel short and the days pass quickly, the pace at which each of my courses goes by has been insanely fast. I’ve been doing a lot work lately, and by that I really do mean actual work and not just messing about. This week I had to write my first comparative commentary in Filipino. I have never written so many Filipino words in one piece, ever. Also, English also gives quite a hefty load to do, and our current unit is on poetry by an Amherst guy named Richard Wilbur. He’s amazing, honestly. His poems are so meticulously crafted that I learn something new every time I read one of his poems. But I find them really hard to understand. They’re just so dense with stuff.

I also think that I’m involved in too many activities this year. If Prom Committee, BOB Committee and CWS were counted as official clubs this year I would be way past the Policy of Limitations in school. Woods would flip his lid. I’m such a cheater, I know, but I think that I should take advantage of all the activities I can take part of in school. For CAS hours, or something. No, really though, I do want to be part of all those activities. MUN may be as hard as Rafa Sy’s abs for me, but I really do feel that I reap some benefits from it, even when I don’t really say… anything.

My biggest problem in terms of courses will probably be Film HL, though. I mean, I think I’ll have the analysis and independent study parts down, but I’m screwed for production because my group bound to bomb. Since this is a public page I won’t be going into further detail, but may I just add that there is a lot of frustration involved. I have a personal notebook for such rage. But the writing parts, the talking about film parts, I might be better with those. It’s just the actual film production that I tend to struggle with. UGH. For my independent study, I might do a genre study on defining “independent cinema” and how different cultures attempt to deviate from their nation’s mainstream film culture. Maybe. I dunno. I’m going on a Gael Garcia Bernal DVD binge for the next few days, though. Too much cuteness!!

Also, I am excited for Cinemanila because Diego Luna is coming to Manila. Oh My Freakin God.

But I digress.

So, aaanyway, three full weeks into junior year, my favourite classes are Psychology and Filipino (for some reason, I keep forgetting that I’m taking Physics). Again, this is a public place and therefore not the appropriate venue for the release of any explicit opinions. I have other outlets for that, since I am a self-professed serial blogger. 

I really do like Psychology class, though. And Filipino is a riot. Actually, there are many things I like about most of my classes, such as Math. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in a Math class before, especially today. I love my Math SL teacher and think he is absolutely hilarious. I just hope I pass at least half the classes that I’ve signed myself up for the next two years, and I hope I can balance all that IB stuff with all my EACs and all the standardised tests I’ll have to do and such. 

I’m being cut off by mis padres, hence I must now finish off and possibly continue this at a different time.

Buenas noches.