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Updates, and I LOVE THE CLASS OF 2011 :)

21 March 2010

I realised that I haven’t posted anything in two months — oh dearr, is that an all-time low? — and it’s quite hard to summarise the days from January 16 to this day in a nutshell, but I shall attempt to do so right about… now:

  • January 23 – took the SAT. It was an interesting day because I ended up taking the wrong jeepney and going in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. The cab ride was expensive. HOWEVER, I was able to watch two — no, three — movies that night: Sherlock Holmes, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and (on DVD) Jennifer’s Body, which was horrible!!
  • SAT result: 1920 (610/640/670)
  • February 6 – Family Fun Day and Band-Aid. This was fun, and I realised that for the next 7 weeks I would be in something school-related every Saturday…
  • February 13 – Angel’s debut, which was awesome because everyone was dressed up, all in black, and everything was so elegant. Some people got drunk, though, but that’s not the point. The point is that it was a night to remember for everyone, from the celebrant to the guests to the crazy alcoholics on the sidelines.
  • February 20 – PREP trip. I’d never been to one of those before and it was a very interesting experience. We went to Tagaytay and taught some kids in a rural public school for a couple of hours (it was literally just 2-3 hours, though more time would have been great!!). On our way back to Manila we got stranded because the driver had LBM.
  • February 27 – Testing for next year’s incoming scholars. I don’t know what to think; I just hope they pick the right people who will really take advantage of what the school has to offer. I was in school the entire day because of CulCon previews, so I hung about the swim meet in between those two events. Our school’s IASAS Drama and Dance are the best. Always.
  • March 4-6 – IASAS Art & Music. Our school hosted and I volunteered as a videographer. On the Saturday morning I had to come to school to edit together a 3-minute video (out of about 3-4 hours of footage) within about two hours. It was extremely intense for both Kento and myself. CulCon was fun, I guess, but it would have been much better if I was in Taipei for Forensics again this year. It sucks to be on the sidelines.
  • March 11 – Started working out at the fitness room for CAS hours.
  • March 13 – Child Hope came to school for Saturday Service. I went. It was a lot of fun but also sort of heartbreaking at times. There were some moments then that I really, really, really liked, but all they did was eventually make me very, very confused. However, I refuse to elaborate on this.
  • March 15 – Had a bit of a rage spell.
  • March 17-18 – Started working out with the trainer’s help. I got DOMS on Friday and Saturday and I still have it now I think.
  • March 19-20 – Just came from that last night, actually. JUNIOR CLASS OVERNIGHT AT MATABUNGKAY. It was a lot of fun, though I preferred the beach on the chilly night than in the sweltering hot morning. I was burning up with a fever by the time I got home. Not much to say but it was a lot of fun. I love my class… I just wish that certain people who weren’t there were… and by this I’m referring to people who left/moved away… Our class would otherwise have been pretty much perfect.

And so I now find myself here, in my room, unable to go to church because it’s so hot outside and I have a massive headache and a fever still. Aside from that I also have a ton of homework to do for the upcoming week. With four days until spring break I never thought I’d be under so much pressure, especially since I’m going away for a week to hopefully join Mission Youth in Batangas. Before that, though, I have to do an English major, an English medium, Psychology homework, Math homework, a Math quiz, a seven-page screenplay for my IB film and a revised independent study resource list, also for IBHL Film. Surely, the first semester of IB Diploma is no indication of the second semester. I can only imagine what next semester will be like.

How to keep these…

My grades are pretty good right now, though I need to bring Psych up to an A… and make sure English and Film don’t get any lower. With Film, especially, I can’t afford my grade to drop. GPA does matter, especially when you’re a first decile student in the first semester. Getting there is cake; it’s staying there that’s the challenge, especially after exams in May. oh dearrrr.

I’m out of things to say because right now everything is rather banal. I have a lot of homework (as usual), I have a fever (as usual) and I need a shower (as usual).

Shower time.


I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save.

16 January 2010

Today, something beautiful happened. I found myself in contact with a rather speedy cable internet connection and decided to sort of ‘seize the day’ and just have at it, and so I downloaded Vuze and downloaded more within two hours than I did in the last two months combined. I finally got The Fame Monster, the New Moon soundtrack, the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, the new Vampire Weekend album Contra, the Ke$ha album (which was for my sister, really), both Glee compilations, a Neon Indian album, and Zombieland is still downloading as I type. And it feels beautiful to be doing this right now. I promise to delete everything one day and rebuild my library legally, but this is all I can manage for now. Besides, it’s not like the big music executives are going bankrupt or anything.

Anyway, this downloading process occurred simultaneously with insane Facebooking and microblogging to an extent that I haven’t quite done since early October, during the last days of our home DSL connection. During this time I also managed to go on the Canon and Nikon websites to check out potential cameras for when I finally raise enough funds. For this same reason I also went on the Apple site and ‘built my own Macbook Pro’, which costs about $2,600 with all the added upgrades. I really do love looking up potential material possessions. Though such habits only reflect on me negatively as they exhibit my lust for worldly things, we only live once, and living only once renders our lives insignificant. Einmal est keinmal.

And, while on all these different site, getting myself excited for series four of Skins (which comes out on the 28th — I am so excited!) and reading through missed posts on Hipster Runoff, I realised that I haven’t really made a decent blog post in a very long time. This is why I am making this entry now.

Since the last time I wrote a decent post, some things have changed. I have reverted back to the status of she who does not like anyone right now, which is a good break from the last semester, which has been pretty much useless aside from the fact that I now know that not everyone who you think is your friend really is. I don’t miss the company that I used to have last year, at least not anymore, after realising that there are so many other people who are much better. Really, there’s nothing great in surrounding yourself with negative company. I try to be surrounded by positive people who are also smart and hip and cool. 

I still love typography and wish to learn as much about it as possible, but I have to focus on the second semester. SATs are next week, I have to fill out my high school resume and come up with a list of thirty schools for my guidance counselor, I still have to decide whether or not to watch American Idol this season, and I’m beginning to wonder why Noah Cyrus is becoming culturally relevant because she looks thirty years old and is just plain weird. Also, I have a shitload to do for Monday, all of which will be postponed for tomorrow night since I’m currently in my grandparents’ house which, unlike my house, has cable TV, cable internet, and a working air conditioner. And a hot shower! One day I plan on owning this house and converting the shed in the backyard into an art studio. Oh yeah, I want to do art now. And be an artist. It would be quite nice.

More later on.



Fail, fail, and… oh, look, MORE FAIL.

6 May 2009

Now is the time for me to list down every single fail that has happened this week (as well as, of course, some of the nonfails, but the fails are worse).

FAIL NUMBER ONE, which is an ongoing fail, is my home internet’s failure to function. The connection has been mysteriously dead since Sunday night, and the myDSL team seems to be doing absolutely nothing about it. This is extremely irritating because one, I have work to do and two, I have been slowly dying due to my lack of MSN time. It is excruciatingly painful having to go through the last two (and when I get home, it will be three) days without access to the internet. The only reason why my Facebook notifications haven’t piled up is because Paulina (who is very awesome in every single way except when she nags me about that thing that I shouldn’t be doing very much even though I do it anyway) lets me use her Mac in Filipino class. I’m 100% positive that the internet fail has to do with the physical cable connection. However, this can’t really be proven until the silly DSL people actually come over to my house and check it out. GAH!!

FAIL NUMBER TWO, today was class council elections day. The results won’t be out until about 40 minutes from now (and because I won’t have an internet connection at home I won’t be able to update this post). The fail of the day was a candidate calling a teacher by another teacher’s name. Twice. I’m not going into any further detail into this but it was hilarious, and I hope he wins as President.

FAIL NUMBER THREE, Danny Gokey screaming the most horridious note that has ever existed on American Idol. I’m watching the show at about 6 tonight, and I can’t wait to see the entire episode (even though my two papa UNFs, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, apparently failed at life and are most likely to be bottom 2 this week, with Papa Kris getting the boot, which would be extremely depressing because he is so much better than Allison freaking Iraheta).
In Fil class I watched the YouTube video of his performance of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” — seriously, that song was way too big for him, and I really don’t think that these people should be singing songs that were performed last season. I can still remember Michael Johns singing that song upon his elimination. Baaaaaaad times. And then Danny comes along, sings the song no better than Michael did (actually, Danny sang it horribly), and ends it with this screeching last note that sounds like a pig being raped. I’m sorry, but as much as I love Danny, that note made me ROFL and then die in my seat.



UNFAIL POINT ONE: Not failing Physics and Geo exams. Got an A- in Physics and an A on the Geo. Even though I’m gonna fail Math (I was bound for it), at least I didn’t fail the other two. Sorry, I’m really really spazzing out right now.


The end.


Broadway shows may come and go, but RENT is love. Forever.

29 April 2009

Physics revision can take a break. Time for a disorganised blather of thought about the only constant in my life.

Today, instead of studying, the first thing I did when I came home from school was watch Rent for the first time in more than a year (I lied on my Film blog). I guess that distance really does make us wise. Watching it over again for a more-than-hundredth time, I have never been so emotionally moved by that film. Watching it over again I realised how much Rent actually has changed my life and the way I view certain things. (It isn’t just the musical that “corrupted” me, okay.) Watching it over again, I was able to appreciate it at a level like never before.

I have never “teared up” when watching Rent. If there was a tear, there would be actual crying. Rent is the only film that has made me so open emotionally; I have never cried so much for a movie before, and today I cried more than ever. I cried during the first scene, even, while the 8-piece main cast sang “Seasons of Love” onstage in an empty theatre. It was probably the whole thought of watching this film again after such a long time that got me emotional; I used to watch Rent more than once a day in 2006. And during those scenes when I normally cried — “Without You”, “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)”, “Goodbye Love”, “Finale B” — I cried more than I usually did. And by the time the last shot of Angel came up, my face was soaked and it took me a while to compose myself and hit the “Eject” button on my DVD player. If that doesn’t make Rent‘s effect on me crystal clear, I don’t know what else can.

So Rent is the Tony-winning, Pulitzer Prize-winning [former D:] Broadway musical-turned-2005-film about a year in the lives of bohemians living in New York City from 1989 to 1990. To state the film’s conflict would basically entail listing down every problem a person could possibly have at the time (as an East Village bohemian) and putting them all together. IMdB it, Wiki it, it’s worth watching to say the least.

And to say just how much it has moved me and affected me over the past three-ish years would take a while to actually articulate.

It’s probably safe for me to say that Rent just might be one of the few constants in my life, even though I have never seen the stage musical (and probably never will, since the show has been closed since September 2008). I have the massive black book on it, the DVD (I have the widescreen and the full screen 2-disc editions) and both soundtracks. In some ways, Rent has been my bible, but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna go out and have sex and turn into an HIV-positive lesbian junkie.

For one, Rent made me value time more. The past three years have gone by faster than the others. It’s January, then it’s summer, then it’s Christmas all over again. The story of Rent showed me how much a year can affect the lives of people, how easily friendships and relationships can be made, lost and destroyed forever. Since Rent I’ve valued my friends a lot more than before. I guess that’s why I’m usually sadder most other people when I find out that a close friend is leaving, or at least when I know that I’m about to distance myself from a friend by at least a thousand miles.

Rent taught me to love more (though I have to work on that again), and not to let the troubles of life get the best of me (though they have at times recently). I realised that since the last time I saw Rent I haven’t been very good at upholding the lessons I supposedly learned from it. And now that I have watched it again, and burst into song again, and cried over it again, I will remember to keep those lessons in mind.

There’s only now. There’s only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path. No other way. No day but today. That’s the anthem of my life.


Quick Update: 11/27/2008

27 November 2008

Due to my preoccupation with homework and Sidereel TV shows, as well as coming home super late due to the crazy bus routes, I wasn’t able to write about a few things, so i’ll touch on them right about now.

LAST WEDNESDAY I saw MICHAEL JOHNS live in Manila at the Glorietta Mall. It was only an hour-long show but he performed about ten songs. I was about ten to twelve metres from the stage and I was probably the loudest one there. Though I wasn’t able to meet him per se, I was able to have an amazing five-minute conversation with his wife and I also got to touch his hand. As he went into the parking lot I shouted, “MICHAEL GODDAMN AUSTRALIAN JOHNS! I LOVE YOU VEGEMITE, I LOVE YOU MAN!” and he looked up at me, smiled and waved. It was euphoric. I also got a smile during his performance, before he sang Prince’s “Purple Rain” (about 0:08 into the video, yeah? it was me who said “i love you michael”). It was quite a high.

And LAST FRIDAY was FOAM PARTY at ISM, which was cool for about two hours I guess. The foam machine was acting up though, so it was more like a foam shower and was sort of weird. I’m counting on next year, hoping it’ll actually be better.

THIS WEEK is EXAM WEEK and so the preparations were rather stressful. Thank you to the PEER HELPERS for giving out the, um, stress balls…

Um, yeah, Physics was horrible.


  1. 808s & Heartbreak
  2. Day & Age (and probably two other FULL killers albums)
  3. I’m gonna try out One Day as a Lion and
  4. Scars on Broadway
  5. and maybe one other thing.

and where the hell did Gossip Girl go? Heroes and Chuck were great, though. And BOO for making me wait until January for 90210!!!!!

That’s all for now.