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Updates, and I LOVE THE CLASS OF 2011 :)

21 March 2010

I realised that I haven’t posted anything in two months — oh dearr, is that an all-time low? — and it’s quite hard to summarise the days from January 16 to this day in a nutshell, but I shall attempt to do so right about… now:

  • January 23 – took the SAT. It was an interesting day because I ended up taking the wrong jeepney and going in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. The cab ride was expensive. HOWEVER, I was able to watch two — no, three — movies that night: Sherlock Holmes, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and (on DVD) Jennifer’s Body, which was horrible!!
  • SAT result: 1920 (610/640/670)
  • February 6 – Family Fun Day and Band-Aid. This was fun, and I realised that for the next 7 weeks I would be in something school-related every Saturday…
  • February 13 – Angel’s debut, which was awesome because everyone was dressed up, all in black, and everything was so elegant. Some people got drunk, though, but that’s not the point. The point is that it was a night to remember for everyone, from the celebrant to the guests to the crazy alcoholics on the sidelines.
  • February 20 – PREP trip. I’d never been to one of those before and it was a very interesting experience. We went to Tagaytay and taught some kids in a rural public school for a couple of hours (it was literally just 2-3 hours, though more time would have been great!!). On our way back to Manila we got stranded because the driver had LBM.
  • February 27 – Testing for next year’s incoming scholars. I don’t know what to think; I just hope they pick the right people who will really take advantage of what the school has to offer. I was in school the entire day because of CulCon previews, so I hung about the swim meet in between those two events. Our school’s IASAS Drama and Dance are the best. Always.
  • March 4-6 – IASAS Art & Music. Our school hosted and I volunteered as a videographer. On the Saturday morning I had to come to school to edit together a 3-minute video (out of about 3-4 hours of footage) within about two hours. It was extremely intense for both Kento and myself. CulCon was fun, I guess, but it would have been much better if I was in Taipei for Forensics again this year. It sucks to be on the sidelines.
  • March 11 – Started working out at the fitness room for CAS hours.
  • March 13 – Child Hope came to school for Saturday Service. I went. It was a lot of fun but also sort of heartbreaking at times. There were some moments then that I really, really, really liked, but all they did was eventually make me very, very confused. However, I refuse to elaborate on this.
  • March 15 – Had a bit of a rage spell.
  • March 17-18 – Started working out with the trainer’s help. I got DOMS on Friday and Saturday and I still have it now I think.
  • March 19-20 – Just came from that last night, actually. JUNIOR CLASS OVERNIGHT AT MATABUNGKAY. It was a lot of fun, though I preferred the beach on the chilly night than in the sweltering hot morning. I was burning up with a fever by the time I got home. Not much to say but it was a lot of fun. I love my class… I just wish that certain people who weren’t there were… and by this I’m referring to people who left/moved away… Our class would otherwise have been pretty much perfect.

And so I now find myself here, in my room, unable to go to church because it’s so hot outside and I have a massive headache and a fever still. Aside from that I also have a ton of homework to do for the upcoming week. With four days until spring break I never thought I’d be under so much pressure, especially since I’m going away for a week to hopefully join Mission Youth in Batangas. Before that, though, I have to do an English major, an English medium, Psychology homework, Math homework, a Math quiz, a seven-page screenplay for my IB film and a revised independent study resource list, also for IBHL Film. Surely, the first semester of IB Diploma is no indication of the second semester. I can only imagine what next semester will be like.

How to keep these…

My grades are pretty good right now, though I need to bring Psych up to an A… and make sure English and Film don’t get any lower. With Film, especially, I can’t afford my grade to drop. GPA does matter, especially when you’re a first decile student in the first semester. Getting there is cake; it’s staying there that’s the challenge, especially after exams in May. oh dearrrr.

I’m out of things to say because right now everything is rather banal. I have a lot of homework (as usual), I have a fever (as usual) and I need a shower (as usual).

Shower time.


I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save.

16 January 2010

Today, something beautiful happened. I found myself in contact with a rather speedy cable internet connection and decided to sort of ‘seize the day’ and just have at it, and so I downloaded Vuze and downloaded more within two hours than I did in the last two months combined. I finally got The Fame Monster, the New Moon soundtrack, the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, the new Vampire Weekend album Contra, the Ke$ha album (which was for my sister, really), both Glee compilations, a Neon Indian album, and Zombieland is still downloading as I type. And it feels beautiful to be doing this right now. I promise to delete everything one day and rebuild my library legally, but this is all I can manage for now. Besides, it’s not like the big music executives are going bankrupt or anything.

Anyway, this downloading process occurred simultaneously with insane Facebooking and microblogging to an extent that I haven’t quite done since early October, during the last days of our home DSL connection. During this time I also managed to go on the Canon and Nikon websites to check out potential cameras for when I finally raise enough funds. For this same reason I also went on the Apple site and ‘built my own Macbook Pro’, which costs about $2,600 with all the added upgrades. I really do love looking up potential material possessions. Though such habits only reflect on me negatively as they exhibit my lust for worldly things, we only live once, and living only once renders our lives insignificant. Einmal est keinmal.

And, while on all these different site, getting myself excited for series four of Skins (which comes out on the 28th — I am so excited!) and reading through missed posts on Hipster Runoff, I realised that I haven’t really made a decent blog post in a very long time. This is why I am making this entry now.

Since the last time I wrote a decent post, some things have changed. I have reverted back to the status of she who does not like anyone right now, which is a good break from the last semester, which has been pretty much useless aside from the fact that I now know that not everyone who you think is your friend really is. I don’t miss the company that I used to have last year, at least not anymore, after realising that there are so many other people who are much better. Really, there’s nothing great in surrounding yourself with negative company. I try to be surrounded by positive people who are also smart and hip and cool. 

I still love typography and wish to learn as much about it as possible, but I have to focus on the second semester. SATs are next week, I have to fill out my high school resume and come up with a list of thirty schools for my guidance counselor, I still have to decide whether or not to watch American Idol this season, and I’m beginning to wonder why Noah Cyrus is becoming culturally relevant because she looks thirty years old and is just plain weird. Also, I have a shitload to do for Monday, all of which will be postponed for tomorrow night since I’m currently in my grandparents’ house which, unlike my house, has cable TV, cable internet, and a working air conditioner. And a hot shower! One day I plan on owning this house and converting the shed in the backyard into an art studio. Oh yeah, I want to do art now. And be an artist. It would be quite nice.

More later on.




26 November 2009

I am so angry at not being able to use the internet as often and as freely as I want to. I’ve had to disable my Facebook wall, even, so I don’t get any more silly SocialInterview posts that are just killing it overall. My biggest problem, however, is my Tumblarity, which keeps dipping since I don’t post everyday. I USED TO HAVE 300 TUMBLARITY OKAY. I mean, seriously. This is really bad for my ego. I need people to like my posts.

Oh, speaking of Tumblr, I unfollowed some people. I wish I could unsee them and unexperience everything as well. But there’s no way of completely deleting people from your life like that.

And as for school, I messed up my OI and Impromptu auditions so I’m not expecting anything to come out of those, but I got a callback for Original Oratory for next week and I hope I don’t completely screw up.

Too lazy to write any more. Adios.


Things I realised that I like and don’t like.

5 September 2009

I like Animal Collective. I didn’t realise I did until I decided to really listen to them without condemning them for being such a pretentious indie hipster band. Merriweather Post Pavillon is actually a pretty good album, and yes, “My Girls” really is one good song. I guess even I can’t deny that any longer. Whatever.

I like Hipster Runoff. I think it’s a pretty amusing little corner of the interweb and some of the posts are strangely humorous, regardless of whether or not they were meant to be that way.

I don’t really like Quentin Tarantino. I mean, he’s made some pretty decent films like Pulp Fiction, and I’m gonna watch Reservoir Dogs when I find the time (since I have the DVD for the next month), but I don’t think his general body of work is anything too special. He’s a director with his own style, sure, but I think of him as one of those directors that people feel that they have to like since he made Pulp Fiction and whatnot. But I saw part of Thunderbolt: Death Proof (or something, I can’t remember the title, but Kurt Russell was in it) and I realised that his style isn’t something that I’m too big a fan of. That, or I was just watching a horrible movie. I don’t like the random useless conversations, I don’t like the exaggerated bleeding in Kill Bill, and I’m not big on his overuse of contrapuntal music. Sorry, Quentin.

Okay, that’s all.



I can’t believe August is almost over.

29 August 2009

By the end of this month (if you’re not too picky) I will have finished my first month into the IB Diploma.

Honestly, though, I feel like I’ve been in school forever. 

Though the weeks feel short and the days pass quickly, the pace at which each of my courses goes by has been insanely fast. I’ve been doing a lot work lately, and by that I really do mean actual work and not just messing about. This week I had to write my first comparative commentary in Filipino. I have never written so many Filipino words in one piece, ever. Also, English also gives quite a hefty load to do, and our current unit is on poetry by an Amherst guy named Richard Wilbur. He’s amazing, honestly. His poems are so meticulously crafted that I learn something new every time I read one of his poems. But I find them really hard to understand. They’re just so dense with stuff.

I also think that I’m involved in too many activities this year. If Prom Committee, BOB Committee and CWS were counted as official clubs this year I would be way past the Policy of Limitations in school. Woods would flip his lid. I’m such a cheater, I know, but I think that I should take advantage of all the activities I can take part of in school. For CAS hours, or something. No, really though, I do want to be part of all those activities. MUN may be as hard as Rafa Sy’s abs for me, but I really do feel that I reap some benefits from it, even when I don’t really say… anything.

My biggest problem in terms of courses will probably be Film HL, though. I mean, I think I’ll have the analysis and independent study parts down, but I’m screwed for production because my group bound to bomb. Since this is a public page I won’t be going into further detail, but may I just add that there is a lot of frustration involved. I have a personal notebook for such rage. But the writing parts, the talking about film parts, I might be better with those. It’s just the actual film production that I tend to struggle with. UGH. For my independent study, I might do a genre study on defining “independent cinema” and how different cultures attempt to deviate from their nation’s mainstream film culture. Maybe. I dunno. I’m going on a Gael Garcia Bernal DVD binge for the next few days, though. Too much cuteness!!

Also, I am excited for Cinemanila because Diego Luna is coming to Manila. Oh My Freakin God.

But I digress.

So, aaanyway, three full weeks into junior year, my favourite classes are Psychology and Filipino (for some reason, I keep forgetting that I’m taking Physics). Again, this is a public place and therefore not the appropriate venue for the release of any explicit opinions. I have other outlets for that, since I am a self-professed serial blogger. 

I really do like Psychology class, though. And Filipino is a riot. Actually, there are many things I like about most of my classes, such as Math. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in a Math class before, especially today. I love my Math SL teacher and think he is absolutely hilarious. I just hope I pass at least half the classes that I’ve signed myself up for the next two years, and I hope I can balance all that IB stuff with all my EACs and all the standardised tests I’ll have to do and such. 

I’m being cut off by mis padres, hence I must now finish off and possibly continue this at a different time.

Buenas noches.



Sitting in the guidance office during study hall, I still have no work to do.

7 August 2009

I couldn’t really write a decent blog entry last night, not reallly, since I was so tired and all I could manage to do was whip up some pretty text collages on Photoshop with my pirated Helvetica font, bolded and horizontally compressed by -100%. It’s my second day of school and I had film class first period. The speakers are insane, and that’s all I can say so far. I’m still thinking of a topic to do my independent study on. I’ll try to avoid a topic like drugs, though it would be a good excuse to watch Requiem for a Dream.

Maybe I should talk about sexuality so I can watch My Own Private Idaho. I also need a fresh idea for a 7-minute short film. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with one sooner or not-so-late-but-later. Apparently the class will have a wiki on, so I doubt that my film blog will be of any more use to the class. I will, however, continue to post there as much as possible. Maybe I could use it as a tool of sorts, and keep linking to places I look at once I start my independent study. Could help with the citations and all.

In Physics I made my serial blogger status known to the class (yet again). I think I’m gonna like my teacher. Besides, his penmanship is definitely better than that of my last physics teacher. It’s a “broogie” class :)

Also, Filipino is insane. No words, no words. One thing I did learn, however, was how to successfully wield the pen tool and the Paths tab on Adobe Photoshop. My life is that much better and I’m definitely going to experiment with that tonight.

I tagged this entry as “people” because there will probably always be a hidden message behind each of my blog entries about school. Damn, I wanna write about frivolous things again.

Study hall just might be my serial blogging period.



I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life.

31 July 2009

Six days before school starts. I’m trying to make the most of my excessive free time by blogging my butt off. Murphy’s Law really does bite you sometimes. Now that the first week of school will soon be upon us, my sleeping habits suddenly decided to betray me and my boredom was, on the same token, vaporised by Tumblr and ONTD and internet memes. I’m still listening to the eight-artist playlist I made yesterday. I get to listen to Why? the most, though, given that I have more than three of their albums. As I type this sentence, as a matter of fact, Why’s “These Few Presidents” is playing. It’s my favourite song by them.

I’m taking some time right now to talk about two silly, happy and beautiful people with whom I have spent time this summer.

This fierce HBIC is Paulina and she’s the one who always tells me to calm down when I’m hyperventilating, freaking out over Harry Potter or showing signs of stress in any other way or form. She also reminds me to pay more attention to my Manila friends rather than OSFs, which is good because she keeps me down to earth like that. Even though she doesn’t know ANY of the artists I listen to (at least none that matter) I still forgive her because she actually buys her music on iTunes like every normal person should. She’s awesome because she pities me (I’m almost serious about this) and tries to help me out of my pitiful boredom by inviting me to go out with her and her mom. I thank her eternally for making my summer a whole lot better than I expected it to be. I’ve only known her for seven months, but these past few months are the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Now, Angie is Burmese but she looks like a Filipino because she’s in the Philippines and since all Southeast Asians can pass for a Filipino the misconception was inevitable. Ever since sixth grade I’ve known her as the nice girl who loved to talk, and I’m glad that despite the changes in people over the past few years, she remained pretty much the same. She’s full of surprises and I love that, unlike me, she lives a healthy and active lifestyle, while trying to save the planet at the same time. I would also like to add that while she complains to having horrible circles under her eyes, I do too and so do a lot of people. She’s on the better side since she goes paragliding or cliffhanging or whatever it’s called. In Cebu. CEBU!! She’s been to more places in my country than I have.

Anyway, I can’t wait to spend junior year with you guys!!

Now, I’m off to Tumblr to spam the world.